WildStar - The Supergaleries-en-ciel

Among the various activities that you will be able to carry out daily during the Protostar Grand Winter Gala, you will have the Supergaleries-en-ciel, an expedition ! To get started, here are some screenshots to soak up the place:

This instance is more complete and detailed than that of the Evening Vigil since it will take you through different challenges each time, 4 in number among the 10 possibilities presented below. The proposed activities will not really involve clashes as we know, which makes this expedition affordable for all levels: the low levels will not need help to finish it as for the Evening Vigil.

The activities are:


The love of selling bots made them overheat! You must repair the vehicles that heat up with it! For the gold medal, you must avoid dying (bots have a red telegram that deals damage while in it) and finish repairs within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Buy or die

You enter a room filled with gifts and with a chest in the center. You must fill the chest 100% to complete the event. By picking up an item, you increase the capacity you carry. The bigger the object, the more your carrying capacity will be increased, but the more you will be slowed down in your movements. If your capacity gauge exceeds 100%, you will lose what you are carrying. You must finish the event in less than 4 minutes and 15 seconds for the gold medal.

Broken prices

Tarifobots have gone crazy and are slashing the prices of goods, you need to reprogram them! You will also have to save 5 Protostar employees and complete the challenge in less than 3 minutes for the gold medal.

Promo cupboard

You have to jump on the golden fluff with a blue aura. To get the gold medal, you need to find 5 rare golden Protostar figures and complete this event within 4 minutes.

Promos on fire

You have to put out the fires that appear on 25 products because the promotions are so hot! For the gold medal, you must prevent more than 5 goods from burning and complete the event in less than 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Batteries not included

The Botomates are a success this year, but they are sold out, we can't sell them like that! You have to recharge them, for that you have to jump on a battery that floats in the air and use your charger beam on a discharged botomate. For the gold medal, you have to finish this challenge in less than 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Chain of shops

The security systems turn against us and endanger the goods! You must collect the products avoiding drones and security turrets. For the gold medal, you have to complete the challenge in less than 5 minutes and not get hit.

Door breaker

Every child's dream: to walk into a store and take everything in its path! You will have to break the door of 4 stores and collect the gifts inside. For the gold medal, it will have to be done in less than 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

High V speed promotions

It's time to do some good business! Robots move fast and you have to freeze them with a gun to get their goods. You will have to complete this challenge in less than 2 minutes for the gold medal.

1 bought 1 free

In this challenge, you will progress your bar by collecting pairs of gifts! You will have to do it in less than 2 minutes for the gold medal.


Once the 4 events are finished, you will have a similar last one for each session: the main event ! You will be the victim of Protostar products in order to show their effectiveness, all in front of a crowd of customers!

When you have come to the end of the various surprises that Protostar has in store for you, you will have finished the instance and can return to your capital!

By completing the expedition you will have 37  and a bag containing an event item, and the daily quest will grant you an additional 50 each day. To see what you can buy with it or other ways to get it, it's this way ! In any case, if you want to collect all the rewards of the event and especially to have them faster, it is surely better to browse this instance more than once a day!


Happy farm everyone and happy winter gala!

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