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The event of the Space pursuit is still available in-game until December 18th and maybe some of you are a bit picky about farming ship parts ... right? Do not be ashamed ! Anyway, here's a technique that's certainly not very fun but which will allow you in about 6 hours, starting from zero and applying yourself, to collect all the parts of each of the three ships!

Since in video it's always nicer, I explain the method at the beginning of the video and then put it into practice:


If you're old school and prefer to read the instructions, I'll walk you through all of this anyway. Note that this is a technique for a maximum level character.

At the time of writing the guide to the event, I believed that you could only earn 50 Eko shards per expedition. Subsequently, by performing a few randomly, I was able to see that this number was in fact linked to the expedition itself, in particular its estimated duration! In short, a fast expedition rather brings 50 fragments while a long one can go up to 150.

One more thing that I noticed: the fragments are not linked to the medal obtained but are offered little by little by accomplishing the main objectives. Suddenly, there is no need to make the optional objectives. After going through several expeditions, I noticed that Alien Abductions requires 50 minutes for Gold Medal, yields 150 shards ! Unlike, for example, Terror from Fragment Zero which has a fairly similar duration but for which you have to complete almost all the objectives, it has a lot of things that we can spend.

So by doing Alien Abductions in veteran mode, you can finish it in about 16 minutes if you can apply yourself to avoid as many enemies as possible and not complete any of the side objectives. For a more detailed visualization of the path you can take and the enemies you can avoid, I invite you to watch the video as I take a route of the expedition there.

If you want my time calculation, we will take into account that you take 16 minutes to finish the expedition, it brings you 150 fragments, so 50 coupons, so starting from zero, you need a total of 1060 coupons, which gives:

1060/50 = 21,2, or 22 runs of the instance, so 22 * ​​16 = 352 minutes = 5,866 hours

Of course, the time will vary from one instance to another depending on your performance within it and your equipment which will cause you to inflict more or less average damage.


In short, you know everything there is to know! You have 3 days left to get everything back if you don't, so good luck everyone! If you have other methods to farm particles, don't hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

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