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The vocation of soldier is identified by a small red icon:

During the introduction, we will be led to accomplish 2 types of missions for our vocation:

  • Mission: Assassination. To activate a mission of this type, you must go to a terminal as below and receive our orders. An NPC will explain the mission to us and we can then kill the target. The latter, if it is concerned by a quest, will have a small exclamation symbol accompanied by the vocation icon.

  • Mission: Defend a point. The point is clearly identifiable with its characteristic icon (which is also displayed on the minimap). Once the point is activated, we have the details of the life of the NPCs to protect, with their life gauges displayed, the number of remaining waves and all the counters.

You can see these missions in action in my video featuring the Exiles tutorial. But there are many other styles of missions as well as another type of content called Holdout.




When we arrive in an area, we have a mission counter specific to our vocation (so Soldier in case you have not followed). We find this counter on the general map of the area. So my current area has 3 missions.

Having completed one, I only have 2. This counter is also listed in the lower right area where all the information about vocations is found:

Once a vocation quest is accomplished, it is impossible to do it again. In any case, for the missions where it is necessary to hold a point, the latter not being able to be activated afterwards.

When you fail a mission ... it hurts. Naughty Yeti!

Fortunately, we can start over without delay. On the other hand, a mission cannot be accomplished when another player is performing it. Too bad, chances are long queues will form in the departure areas at launch.

When you accomplish the mission, you get vocation experience (different from character experience). Vocations thus have 30 levels. At level 4, I got my first vocation skill: soldier rations. This skill that allows me to heal myself can be equipped in the shortcut bar like class skills.

The Yetis had better hang on now! In the next ranks, I can get titles, inventory slots, new ranks for my rations, a movement increasing skill, a teleportation spell as well as items for housing.

Vocation levels


In conclusion, the vocation of Soldier is particularly suitable for players who want to level up while not asking too many questions. The missions consist of continuing to hit monsters and defend points, more or less what the classic quests will require. However, players looking for a bit of freshness in their vocations may get bored and should abstain. We already spend a lot of time killing monsters and this repetition can only be accentuated by new missions of this type.


Does this vocation appeal to you?

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