WoW - Class Review # 3

A third article on the official website informs about the changes made to the classes following patch 5.2 (which you can find in full here). We learn more about 3 classes: thief, shaman and warlock.


  • General changes:
    • Preparation for all thieves
    • speed boost
    • new talent Flying Daggers
    • removed Versatility, replaced by Designated to Die
    • Smoke Bomb provides damage reduction
  • PvP-specific changes:
    • changed the PvP set bonus to increase energy gain
  • Modification of the Combat specialization:
    • Blade Flurry deals less damage but hits more targets
    • increase in Vitality to compensate
  • Modification of the Finesse specialization:
    • improvement of bloodthirsty veins


  • General changes:
    • Ancestral Swiftness now provides 10% melee haste
  • Modification of the Elementary specialization:
    • added Rage
    • changed the interaction between Flame Shock and Lava Blast
    • Chain Lightning no longer reduces damage when switching to other targets, increased damage when converting to Lava Beam
  • Changed the Improvement specialization:
    • increased Mental Swiftness mana generation
    • reduced cooldown of Mind's Walk
    • added 6 second cooldown to Purge with Glyph of Purge
    • the effects of the Glyph of Flame Shock are given base


  • General changes:
    • Burning Rush offers resistance to slowdowns
    • Removed active / passive mechanism from Ruse of Kil'jaeden
    • removed Bloody Fear, replaced by Bloody Horror
    • reduced the bonus due to the Fel Companion's sacrifice with Grimoire of Sacrifice
    • added Stamina bonus to Dark Intent
    • Glyph of Burning Embers and Glyph of Soul Shards are now base effects
    • modified Glyph of Unstable Affliction


The interventions are all argued and explained, so I invite you to read the entire article!

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