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    WoW - Garrison Invasions

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    Following some confusion regarding Garrison Invasions from players, Blizzard wanted to clarify this point.

    When you have completed approximately half of Frostfire Ridge, for the Horde, or Shadowmoon Valley, for the Alliance, if your Garrison is level 2, you can start your very first invasion quest. This quest consists of the defense of his stronghold which is being besieged by enemy forces. This first invasion is just a taste of this type of gameplay and its main purpose is to prepare you for what awaits you once you reach max level.

    For players who upgraded their garrison to level 3 before completing this quest, you won't be able to do it, but don't worry, you haven't missed anything exceptional as rewards.

    Once level 100 is reached, these events will trigger based on your actions in Draenor. Indeed, if you fight fiercely against an enemy faction in the lands of Draenor, usually those of the Apexis Crystal areas and nearby, you will have a high chance that once in your garrison an invasion quest will be available with this faction for enemy.

    How do invasions work?

    • Your defense effectiveness is measured by the number of enemies you kill and the number of guards and buildings surviving the assault (these will revive / be rebuilt directly after the invasion).
    • You can launch the invasion with a maximum of 1 or 2 players, increasing the difficulty accordingly.
    • Depending on the final score of the invasion, you and your allies will each receive a Bronze, Silver, or Gold reward. Each reward can only be earned once per week.

    Have you already tested this event? What do you think ?

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