WoW - Hotfix 6.2.3 - January 27

Here is the latest list of fixes applied to the game on Wednesday January 27!



Restoration: Genesis critical healing should now be properly reduced by Traumatophobia.



Note: The PvP fixes below are still in testing.

The following sources grant 50% additional Conquest Points.


  • Winning the first Random Battleground of the day now grants 225 Conquest Points, and subsequent wins 125 Conquest Points.
  • Winning a rated battleground now grants 600 conquest points (was 400).
  • The number of Conquest Points awarded to the losing team based on its performance in a rated battlefield is increased.
    • Twin Peaks, Warsong Gully: 100 conquest points for each flag captured, and 100 additional conquest points for each flag that the winning team did not capture. (For example: if a game ends at 2-1, the losing team receives 100 conquest points for capturing a flag, and 100 bonus points for preventing the winning team from capturing the 3rd and final flag.)
    • Arathi Basin, Cavernous Wind Gorge, Eye of the Storm, Silverlight Mines, Temple of Kotmogu, The Battle of Gilneas: 50 Conquest Points awarded to the losing team for every 150 Resources / Gold / Points obtained.


  • Winning an Arena Skirmish now grants 40 Conquest Points.
  • Winning a rated arena fight now grants 270 conquest points (was 180).


  • The number of Conquest Points granted by the following Ashran quests has been increased:
    • Kill them to the last! Now grants 300 conquest points (was 200).
    • Ashran's Domination now grants 750 Conquest Points (was 500).


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