WoW Patch 5.2: April 2, 4, 8, 9

WoW Patch 5.2: April 2, 4, 8, 9

Small catch-up of the last fixes applied to 5.2. You can find the list of fixes applied to the game since 5.2 at this address. We note in particular in the corrections of April 9 changes about Durumu, facilitating the critical phase of the appearance of the disintegration ray.

9th April

  • Classes
    • Hunter
      • Talents
        • Mighty Shot has been reduced by 25% damage, cast time, cooldown, and focus cost.
  • Raids, dungeons and scenarios
    • Throne of Thunder
      • Status the Forgotten
        • Safe spots in the Evil Eye Maze now spawn earlier, before the disintegration ray begins to move.
        • Adjustments have been made to the visual effects of Eye Sickness in order to make the maze more visible.
      • primordius
        • Mutated Abomination's effect again reduces damage dealt to it by players who haven't fully mutated by 75%, only on Heroic Difficulty 10 and 25 people.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue causing the program to close when gnomes or tauren log into the game while on their mounts and in a body of water.


8th April

  • Creatures
    • Zandalari Beast Trainers are now properly seated in their saddles when riding a Direhorn.
  • Raids, dungeons and scenarios
    • Throne of thunder
      • Giorgio's Caduceus of Zenitude is no longer part of the Raid Finder difficulty drops or bonus dice rolls for Shamans specializing in Elemental or Restoration.
      • primordius
        • When fighting Primordius, spells that dispel negative effects (Burn Magic or Mass Dispel, for example) will not work if at least one of the beneficial mutations is still active on the target (improved synapses, sharp eyesight, thick bone, clear mind or totally mutated).
      • Ra Den
        • Fixed a bug that could prevent Ra Den from absorbing Anima or Vita Essences as intended.
        • Engaging in combat with Ra Den now resets the Reincarnation cooldown for shamans.
  • Corrections de bug
    • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent players from not receiving the achievement Pay to Kill or It was worth every Ritual Stone spent after defeating the incomplete Drakkari Colossus.


4th April

  • quests
    • Extended Shore Permission: This quest has been temporarily removed pending an issue with the Zandalari Warship.
  • Raids, dungeons and scenarios
    • Fixed an issue that caused Warlocks to get stuck in the wrong phase in the Black Temple after completing the Search the Signal quest.
    • Throne of thunder
      • Durumu the forgotten
        • During the Specter of Light phase, the Yellow Eye cone moves faster on Raid Finder difficulty.
  • Objects
    • Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon now has a reduced chance to activate its effects for characters level 61-69, and zero beyond that.


2th April

  • General
    • Brightly colored eggs now spawn much more frequently.
  • quests
    • On the way to the heavens! : players should no longer stay on the Aile-Tonnerre and will be able to move on to the 3rd stage.
  • Raids, dungeons and scenarios
    • Throne of thunder
      • Assassination Thieves should no longer receive weapons other than daggers with the agility bonus after the bonus dice roll in Raid Finder.
      • Vampiric Cave Bat now deals less damage on Raid Finder difficulty.
      • Durumu the Forgotten
        • Eye Sickness and Spirit Daggers now deal less damage on Raid Finder difficulty.
        • Amber Mist, Azure Mist, and Crimson Mist remain visible after being revealed on Raid Finder difficulty.
  • Objects
    • The Etched Sack of Hydra Spawn now has an increased rate of activating its shield effect.

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