WoW - Pre-Expansion Patch Guide

It's good, it's Wednesday and a lot of players are smiling today. Why ? Because the Legion pre-expansion patch has been deployed and it brings a good dose of content available for the majority only until expansion!

  • Play Demon Hunter
  • Disastrous auspices
  • The Whispers
  • Broken Shore Scenario
  • Demon invasions
  • Pre-expansion quests

Play Demon Hunter

For those who have pre-ordered the expansion, you can already create your Demon Hunter and complete the first hours of play with this character, in order to get used to the gameplay. You start alongside Illidan at level 98 in Mardum, the Shattered Abyss.

To be able to create a Demon Hunter, there are several things to know:

  • Have a level 70 character on the server where you want to create the Demon Hunter (called DH, for Demon Hunter)
  • The only races that can assume this class are Blood Elves (Horde) and Night Elves (Alliance)
  • Sesames do not work on DH
  • To get to your garrison, you need to visit Archmage Khadgar directly in front of the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. You have to do the Tanaan Jungle quests (the start of Warlords of Draenor) and you will unlock a Base Garrison that starts at level 1, just like any other character.
  • By completing the DH "tutorial" area, you get two unique transmog appearances, the Fel mount, 680-690 gear, and level 100.
  • Only two talents are to be chosen at level 100, the rest being chosen during leveling up in Legion.


Disastrous auspices


Already present in Orgrimmar and Stormwind for two weeks, Doomsday Auspices firstly allows you to obtain the achievement Ah, I understand better !, by collecting the 12 booklets.

A simple technique allows you to quickly obtain the achievement and allow the Doomsday Auspices to redistribute a booklet to you immediately instead of waiting 15 minutes.

  1. Put ALL your gear in the bank
  2. Go to the Pandaren Camp Auspice in Stormwind for the Alliance / in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar for the Horde
  3. Collect your booklet
  4. Fly high and drop to die!
  5. Speak to the Angel of Resurrection and accept the penalty.
  6. Take a new booklet.
  7. Repeat until you have all 12 different booklets.

Since this is a tour de force, you cannot see the achievement until you complete it. On the other hand, you can track it down with a very simple macro

/run AddTrackedAchievement(11065)



With the August 10 patch, players with a spell to reveal demons will sometimes get a different message when speaking to Doomsday Auspices: "There is something wrong with you ..."

Immediately, the Doom Auspice will transform into a Demon Infiltrator who can drop the Pocket Corruption Spreader toy.

There are several ways to reveal demons:

  • Demon Hunters use the Ghostly Sight spell
  • Hunters use the Demon Track spell
  • Players can equip and use the Cursed Vision of Sargeras item, available at the Black Temple in Outland
  • Players can use an Elixir of Demon Detection, created by an Alchemist.
  • Let another player reveal a demon (which should happen a lot these days)


The Whispers

Randomly and in capitals, some players will start to hear voices urging them to join the Legion. From there, affected players receive 9 charges of the Fragile Spirit effect and gain 5 skills, which cause them to transform into Dread Lord:

  • Ally Conversion: Allows you to convert a player into a hostile but reveals you as an ally of the Legion
  • Cloak of Darkness: Lets not die as you become hostile
  • Illusionary disguise: another escape
  • Hysteria: for use on groups of players
  • Dark Abandonment: Usable after you've consumed all 9 charges to transform into Dread Lord for 1 minute.

If you want to participate in the event, keep the charges and use the spells to consume them. If you don't want to participate and become hostile to the other players present, right click on the effect.

Once transformed you get new skills to fight against everyone so have fun!

  • Vampiric chaining
  • Shadow madness
  • Dark swarm
  • Lethargic fog


Broken Shore Scenario

These quests, which take us straight into the story of the expansion, are available to all level 100 players except Demon Hunters. They take us to the Battle of the Broken Isles which can be seen in the expansion's intro cutscene, with Varyan Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner at the helm of the Alliance and the Horde.

As of your first connection after the update, a quest is proposed to you automatically and which will ask you to go to the Capital to prepare yourself for the battle.

Before leaving for the Broken Isles, you have the opportunity to see 2 secret vendors for each faction who offer you items that you will not be able to find afterwards (for now).

  • Alliance
  • Horde
  • Lenny "Fingers" McCoy
    • Lucky shirt
    • Old lucky coin
    • Lucky rat tooth
    • Lucky charm
  • Alaina Heartsong
    • Bonnet d'Alaina
  • Fo'rum the Postmaker
    • Outrageous proclamation for 10 gold coins
    • Happy proclamation for 10 gold coins
    • Meditative proclamation for 10 gold coins
  • Ravika
    • Eskrokar's Authentic Troll Shoes
    • Full body reducer
    • Sen'jin Spirit Drum
    • Xan'tish Flute

After you've done your shopping, you can board the ship that will launch an 8-phase storyline in the Broken Isles where you have to fight demons alongside known characters from both factions.

You will then have to return to your capital to meet the Illidaris who will ask you to participate in the Invasions!


Demon invasions

In 6 areas of Azeroth, the Legion arrives to stir up trouble. It is up to players of level 10 or higher to defend our realms! At the rewards table you will find transmog sets, a pet, ilvl 685 to ilvl 700 (or even 725) equipment, and achievements. Find everything in our Invasions guide!

Guide to Demon Invasions


Pre-expansion quests

This week we will see the appearance of a servant of Khadgar for a few quests gradually taking us to the Broken Isles. These quests are not very complicated but tell us a lot about the story (the Lore). You will find the unfolding of these quests in the video below (in English) so watch out for spoilers!

A few tips, however:

  • To get to Dalaran faster, use the portal in your capital!
  • Brann offers you a teleporter for the scenario in Ulduar, which saves you having to go all the way yourself!
  • At the end of the quests, you permanently unlock a portal to Dalaran, where you took it at the start of the quests.

The story of the quests (spoiler)

We are first asked to join Archmage Khadgar in Dalaran, who has been moved above Karazhan to defend the Eastern Kingdoms.

We join Khadgar who addresses the advice of the Kirin Tor: he asks that the mages of the Horde join the combat forces to be more effective. Jaina Proudmoore literally opposes this because the Alliance holds the Horde responsible for the death of King Varian (which in itself is not exactly true since Vol'jin is also dead and Sylvanas has sounded the retreat because the Horde was The retreat of Sylvanas' archers still allowed the Legion to catch Varian).

Khadgar proposes a vote at the Kirin Tor, despite Jaina threatening to leave the Kirin Tor if the Horde mages join the battle. The "yes" wins by 4 votes to 2. Jaina therefore leaves (once again), warning one last time against the Horde and a possible betrayal.

This is where Brann Bronzebeard comes in, in all his forms. He chants that his brother Magni, however changed into a diamond, sent him a message from Ulduar, the city of titans. Once there, we are greeted by an automaton who explains to us the guardians have ordered to put Ulduar back in order, the mortal heroes being ready to fight tend to leave a bit of a mess.

As soon as the first room is reached, something is wrong and there are intruders in Ulduar, faceless echoes that you must fight. A priori, the defenses of the city of Ulduar have been compromised and the guards no longer respond to the automaton.

A little further on, we discover that Magni, now referred to as "The speaker", is trapped by the Legion itself which has invaded the premises! Khadgar helps you cross the Fel barrier and you face Inquisitor Ha'zaduum.

Magni explains to us that time is running out and that since he was transformed, he hears Azeroth who is also a titan! We accompany him in the planetarium. We meet there the Echo of Algalon who recognizes our bravery and our will. After the victory over the old gods, the titans asked the guardians to reorder the world. For this, the titans gave them 5 artifacts: the pillars of Creation. Even though these pillars were hidden, they ended up in the hands of mortals.

The pillars remind Khadgar of something, which makes sense since these pillars are known to the Guardian of Tirisfal. The deduction is made and there is therefore trace of these relics of the titans in Karazhan. Magni ends up telling us that we must find the 5 pillars to seal the demonic door to Azeroth, and that this is the only way to save her.

As Khadgar opens a portal for Karazhan, Magni announces to Brann that he must stay in Ulduar as Azeroth has other tasks for him. Brann is going to stay with Magni for a while.

We find Khadgar in front of the entrance to the Karazhan raid. Once inside, the mage warns us about the different challenges that await us to reach the books we want to consult. After a bit of history on Khadgar's souvenis, it seems that the defense measures that the archmage had put in place have been altered ...

The echo of Medivh resurfaces and demons land in Karazhan, decidedly no place is safe. No problem, Khadgar sets up a barrier to hold back the demons for a while and you continue on your way. Arrived at the top of the stairs, the archmage sends you alone in the library where you face new enemies.

Khadgar joins you again and you must protect him while he repairs the guardians and recalibrates Karazhan's defenses so that we are no longer attacked! As the Legion is about to enter, you find the book you were looking for on The Pillars of Creation. Khadgar sends us back to Dalaran as he finishes securing Karazhan Tower.

Once in Dalaran which is bombarded by the Legion, Khadgar recontacts us and asks us to meet him in the Guardian's Chamber to expose us to a dangerous plan but which would give us a considerable advantage.

After clearing Dalaran of some unstable anomalies, Khadgar teaches us that the location of the Pillars of Creation is known to Alodi, the first Guardian of Tirisfal. He will therefore invoke his spirit to discuss it.

We finally learn that the Pillars would be in the Broken Isles and that is where we are going to look for them. Dalaran will therefore move to the Broken Isles!

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