WoW - Profession Guide: Skinning

Third guide and last harvesting profession. Arm your knives, get ready to hunt, we're going to butcher some rabbit.

What does this consist of? To recover skins by butchering beasts or dead draconians.

  • Quick tip: there are items like the Gnomish Army Knife, which gives your skill +10 points.
  • Useful add-ons: none known
  • Bonus: Master of Anatomy increases your critical strike rating by 480 (at rank 8).
If the path may seem strange to you unlike my old guides, it is simply to optimize the performance of the zones. Even if that includes having to make a capital detour before the end of the zone.
  • 1-60
  • 60-110
  • 110-185
  • 185-205
  • 205-265
  • 265-300
  • 300-360
  • 360-450
  • 450-500
  • 500-600

Step # 1: 1 - 60

After learning the skill, you will be able to start killing your first beasts to skin them. One thing though, although you do kill beasts in the starting areas, they cannot be skinned. Two locations, one specific to each side, are particularly lucrative to start with.


Durotar (Horde)


Dun Moroth (Alliance)


Step # 2: 60 - 110

Consider already seeing your skill master. Here, same fight, two regions, two factions.


The Northern Barrens

Note that for the Barrens, since 5.3, the area has changed, but according to Blizzard it would return to its former state in a short time, hence this choice.


Loch Modan


Step # 3: 110 - 185

Always the same with a location for each faction. For the Alliance, even the Horde, the Wetlands (and especially the place that serves as a farm for the fabric) is quite lucrative given the number of draconians present. Be careful, remember to return for your skill master at 150.




Les Paluns


Step # 4: 185 - 205

Nothing special here either. Always two zones, one for the horde and one for the alliance. Yes yes, don't worry, this is the last time ... Once at 205, go back to your trade master to improve the skill.


Fringe Swamp


The Hinterlands


Step # 5: 205-265

Okay, I promised, no more places split in two. But a pretty jarring place. Of course, you can still farm areas 40-45. this area is more convenient if you have a flying mount by the way, but for those who do the quests in the area, you will have to go to the south ledge.


Thousand Tips


Step # 6: 265-300

Here, no surprise, we hunt the dinos !! Denver will remain the last after your passage. Here, the raptors are your priority. If you're lucky, someone has done the quests and you can pick up easily. After all the area itself is uninteresting, especially the gorilla cave to the north.


Un'Goro Crater


Step # 7: 300-360

Outland opens its doors to us. To increase your skill, the Horde and the Alliance each have a master in the first available city on the continent, take advantage. This skill build-up will take place in two parts: the first takes place in the Hellfire Peninsula where you will find wild boars and worms, then the flayers on the ridge. Once 330, go to Nagrand


Hellfire Peninsulas

Direction Nagrand. Do you remember Hemet's hunting quests? Since you are going to have to do them (if you are at the level of the zone), you might as well join the useful to the agr ... to the carnage!




Step # 8: 360-450

We are finally in Northrend. No secret, you will have to go through the Sholazzar basin as said in my old guilds, it is the place of Northrend farm. But first, head to the Borean Tundra to kill Rhino, until you're 395.


Borean Tundra

Have you reached the milestone? Well ... towards the Sholazar Basin. Here you will find one of the best places to get Borean Leather in the game. In this area, go to the indicated point and kill gorillas. And stay there until 450.


Basin de Sholazar


Step # 9: 450-500 

No more laughing, we dive to the bottom of Deepholm. In the Northeast region, giants are knocking out stone drakes. They have little life when they fall to the ground, so finish them off and cut up what is left. The monsters respawn quickly therefore extremely profitable.




Step # 10: 500-600

The end of the trip, the pandas ... No, we do not cut up the pandas! Neither do pandas DPS (hit them for young players). No more bad jokes, we're going to the Valley of the Four Winds (I said more bad jokes!) For a small area full of turtles. Skin up to level 560 then head to the Terres de l'Angoisse.


Valley of the Four Winds

Here we are, the end of the road. To finish your job, take care of the scorpions in the marked area.


Dread Lands


There you have it, you have just finished your job. Hope you enjoyed this guide. The next ones will focus on crafts. Regarding this guide, I am aware that other places, other areas, can be more profitable so do not hesitate to share your tips in the comments!

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