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It's okay, you're hot after this fight against the Hellfire High Council. You follow up with one of the warlords, who has rallied to Gul'dan: Kilrogg Deadeye.

The fight against Kilrogg is very much based on the management of adds. You also have a Fel Corruption bar to deal with, which will increase if you suffer from skill effects, so your best bet is to avoid them as much as possible. If a player sees their corruption bar at 100%, they become an enemy and must be killed. If there is one big point to remember, it is that it is a confrontation which is preparing (zones where to move, groups of players to be designated).


Salivating Predators / Massive Terrors

At the back of the room, you will notice that there is a large pool of gangrenous blood. This basin will serve as "bait" for the salivating Predators who will have to be killed before they reach the basin. At the start of the fight and every 75 seconds thereafter, several salivating Predators will appear in the room.

  • One of the Predators is forced to reach the bath and will transform into Massive Terror.
  • Other Predators should be killed very quickly, knowing that they are sensitive to knockback and slowing effects (ranged DPS, it's up to you!).
  • Massive Terror must be provoked and tanked with your back to the raid. You have to interrupt her heart-wrenching howl and kill her quickly too so as not to take too much raid damage.
  • When she dies, Massive Terror deals damage to nearby players + Fel Corruption.


Heart Seeker

No romanticism in this part because it is also a phase of coordination and movement of the members of the raid. Kilrogg will target a random player with Heartseeker and 8 seconds later he will throw some sort of javelin at him. The targeted player AND the players on the path will take significant damage in addition to spawning a Blood Cell. So we look at the arrow at the feet of the boss and we get out of the way. And it's not over, if a player hit by Fel Corruption is hit by Heartseeker, a Fel Blood globule appears.

  • Healthy Player + Heartseeker = Blood Cell. The globule must be killed before reaching Kilrogg or else heavy damage in the raid.
  • Corrupted Player + Heartseeker = Fel Blood Globule. This green globule has a lot of health and if it reaches Kilrogg it deals massive damage to the raid and heals the boss for just 15%!

Conclusion: we are moving away! Especially melee players who are more likely to suffer Fel Corruption. Imagine felblood globules popping right next to the boss ...


Vision of death

Apparently, Kilrogg's eye is not that dead! Every 80 seconds or so, Kilrogg will cast Vision of Death in front of him, which will generate three runes on the ground. The designated players (2 DPS and 1 healer) must place themselves there to be transported to a "parallel world". There, they must kill as many enemies as possible to ideally obtain 20 stacks of Immortal Resolution for DPS and Eternal Salvation for the Healer (And yes, you can remove the corruption with the healers!).

Returning among the living, all 3 players gain Defy Death, which is great but prevents them from returning to the runes for 90 seconds. It is therefore necessary to designate a second team of 2 DPS and 1 Healer to take the next runes.



Here are some additional elements of the previous paragraphs.


  • Tanks must use active damage mitigation spells when Kilrogg uses Shred Armor.
  • Switch positions each time Massive Terror spawns.
  • Use large damage reduction spells when Kilrogg uses Pangs of Agony.


  • We kill the adds and quickly, and no fuss: everyone sticks to it!
    • DPS from a distance: we kill the globules and the Predators.
    • Melee DPS: Interrupt Searing Howl and prioritize damage over Massive Terror.
  • If you are the target of Heartseeker, you will run to the designated spot before combat.


  • Keep an eye out for the Heartseeker target, who will take heavy damage with one hit.
  • If you have Eternal Salvation, get close to players in melee to bring down Fel Corruption.


Images of spells taken from Wowhead.

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