WoW - Timeless Island: Rare

In 5.4, the new Timeless Island offers many rare items, 30, which is more than the previous zones added to Mists of Pandaria. Thanks to the new shared loot system, anyone participating in the encounter will be rewarded (regardless of which faction has entered the fight). They grant a Timeless Piece, an Epic once activated becomes a piece of gear tied and adapted to our class's specialization, defined in the Loot Specialization.

They also give Lesser Good Fortune Charms as well as Timeless Coins and sometimes bags containing herbs or minerals.

An achievement requires killing all 30:

Before you go, always look at your minimap when walking around, the rare ones are marked on the minimap with a skull:


Flame Archpriest

This Yaungol priest is in the Sanctuary of Ordos, using a cauldron of flame.

  • Location: 27, 25
  • Drop: Elixir of Enduring Wisdom
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73174

Dread Ship Vazuvius

It is necessary to summon it with a lantern (Spirit Lantern Filled with Mist) that you get from Evernaw. The summoning takes place northeast of Misty Beach, at the Cursed Tombstone where Captain Genest of Dread, Bane of the South Seas rests.

  • Location: 26.5, 27.8
  • Drop: Timeless Sailor's Lament
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73281


This mischievous frog can appear in place of any Gobbler Frog in the Croaking Hollow.

  • Location: 63, 74 and surrounding area
  • Drop: Young Gulping Frog (mascot)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72775


A white elemental, easily recognizable among the molten guardians.

  • Location: 53, 50
  • Drop: Falling Flames
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73175

Champion of the Black Flame

This group of 3 Yaungol patrols along the flaming path. They carry very recognizable purple daggers.

  • Location: 70, 50 and on the road
  • Drop: Daggers of the Black Flame
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73171


This big turtle is right next to the Huojin berth (Horde camp), in a small cove. When it is there, there is only a visibly empty shell ... Not that empty because the rare appears as soon as you click on it!

  • Location: 24.6, 36.7
  • Loot: nothing known at the moment
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72045

Ironfur Steelhorn

Could not find it or have a picture. He must, like the others, replace a piece of wood from the forest.

  • Location: 31.8, 58.6
  • Loot: nothing known at the moment
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73160

Crane crane

This rare tiger is not there immediately, he will have to be attracted. In 43.89, 70, we find a crane stuffed with fish. When you inspect her, you get a message that she is the prey of choice for a voracious creature. The goal is then to find a crane of the same type (stuffed with fish) but alive. There are some on the beach, further south (44, 83). Bring one back to the body and the tiger will arrive! If the body is not there, it is simply that the boss is not summonable at the moment.

  • Location: 43.89, 70
  • Loot: nothing known at the moment
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72049


To start this event, you have to find Captain Zvezdan who is walking on the shore in the southeast of the island. If he's there, then it's possible to join the event and help him kill waves of undead on the ship's deck until their leader, Rattleskew arrives. If the captain is not there, the event is not available, you will have to come back later.

  • Location: 60, 88
  • Drop: Lost Leg of Captain Zvezdan
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72048

Jadefire Spirit

This little elemental can be found in the Cave of Lost Spirits, the entrance to which is around 43, 41 in the Red Stones Parade. Above is the mascot but the boss looks exactly the same.

  • Location: 53, 70
  • Drop: Glowing Green Ash and Jadefire Spirit (pet)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72769


This red water elemental can be found in Ruby Lake at the top of the mountain. You can access it thanks to a wind-standing albatross which will take you more generally to all the high places of the island. To take the albatross taxi, wait at the Cour des Astres Vénérables (35, 55) and be the first to type it. As soon as the bird embarks you, stop immediately and resume DPS when you are over your destination so that it lets go.

  • Location: 64, 27
  • Drop: Ruby Droplet (mascot)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73282


This stone giant is located at the level of a pile of the bridge of the ruins of Marchefeu.

  • Location: 62, 63
  • Drop: Strange Polished Stone
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72970

Large Furscale Turtle

This large turtle patrols the west shore, near the Tushui berth (Alliance camp)

  • Location: 24, 67
  • Loot: nothing known at the moment
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73161

Watcher Osu

This Yaungol can be found in the ruins of Marchefeu.

  • Location: 57, 77
  • Drop: Ash Stone
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73170

Eternal Maw

This shark patrols around the island.

  • Location: in the sea
  • Drop: Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern (to summon Dread Ship Vazuvius
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73279

Gu'chi the Swarm

This large silkworm is found in the village of Vieux-Pi'jiu surrounded by about twenty small worms.

  • Location: 40, 78
  • Drop: Gu'chi's Couvelin (mascot)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72909


This onyx snake flies over the island.

  • Location: in the sky
  • Drop: Shaking Firestorm Egg (a very rare egg, linked to the account, granting a mount)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73167

Jakur d'Ordos

  • Location: 51.5, 83.3
  • Loot: Warning
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73169

Jars Emerald

This green crane can spawn in place of any crane in the forest, west of the Court of the Venerable Stars.

  • Location: 31, 60 and around
  • Loot: nothing known at the moment
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73158


It is impossible to find this boss on our own. You must ask Fin Patte Longue, a fisherman on the pontoon south of the village of Vieux-Pi'jiu, to summon him.

  • Location: 34, 83
  • Drop: Giant Timeless Coin Purse
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72193

Rock moss

This rare appears at the bottom of the cave of lost spirits whose entrance is located around 43, 41 in the parade of the Red Stones.

  • Location: 45.4, 29.4
  • Drop: Golden Moss
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73157

Monstrous pincépine

This big crab will replace an old pincépine, on the west coast, from the Alliance camp, the Tushui docking, to the Horde camp, Huojin docking.

  • Location: 27, 75 and 21, 33
  • Drop: Tweethorn Crab
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73166

Imperial Python

This snake can spawn in place of any deadly forest asp. It can therefore be quickly complicated to find it.

  • Location: 34, 72 and surrounding area
  • Drop: Deadly Young Asp (mascot)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73163

Lord of Flint Gairan

This Yaungol can be found under the walls of the Sanctuary of Ordos.

  • Location: 50, 37
  • Drop: Ash-Covered Horn and Ordos Death Chime
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73172

Leaf Healer

This elf can be found on the left side of the Flaming Lane road, under a tree, with some elf friends.

  • Location: 67.3, 44.1
  • Drop: Small Ashen Leaf Sprite
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73277


This boss appears in the Mysterious Lair, clogged with fallen stones in the Red Stones Parade. You have to use a Rock-Breaking Hammer to break it. Some classes can teleport behind or it is possible to get around rocks by climbing.

  • Location: 58, 48
  • Drop: Talisman mandit
  • ID (NPCScan) : 71864


This big tiger is in his own cave, Tsavo'ka's lair whose entrance is at 54.6, 44.

  • Location: 54.6, 44.3
  • Loot: nothing known at the moment
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72808

Urdur the Cauterizer

Urdur can be found in the western part of the Sanctuary of Ordos.

  • Location: 45.4, 26.6
  • Drop: Sunset Stone
  • ID (NPCScan) : 73173


This small water elemental can be found in the water, southeast of Old Pi'jiu Village.

  • Location: 47.6, 87.3
  • Drop: Rainstone
  • ID (NPCScan) : 72245

Zhu Gon l'amer

This elemental spawns in the middle of the village of Old Pi'jiu.

  • Location: 37, 77
  • Drop: Smelly Elemenbane (mascot)
  • ID (NPCScan) : 71919


Note that all the rare ones can also appear on the Terrasse des Trois-Brises (34, 30) with a challenge scroll.


In summary, to add them all to NPCScan, here is the list:

/ npcscan add 73174 Archiereus of Flame
/ npcscan add 72775 Bufo
/npcscan ajouter 73171 Champion of the Black Flame
/ npcscan add 72045 Chelon
/ npcscan add 73175 Cinderfall
/ npcscan add 72049 Cranegnasher
/ npcscan add 73281 Dread Ship Vazuvius
/ npcscan add 73158 Emerald Gander
/ npcscan add 73279 Evermaw
/ npcscan add 73172 Flintlord Gairan
/ npcscan ajouter 73282 Garnia
/ npcscan add 72970 Golganarr
/npcscan ajouter 73161 Great Turtle Furyshell
/ npcscan add 72909 Gu'chi the Swarmbringer
/ npcscan add 73167 Huolon
/ npcscan add 73160 Ironfur Steelhorn
/ npcscan add 73163 Imperial Python
/ npcscan add 73169 Jakur of Ordon
/ npcscan add 72193 Karkanos
/ npcscan add 73277 Leafmender
/ npcscan add 73166 Monstrous Spineclaw
/ npcscan add 72048 Rattleskew
/ npcscan add 73157 Rock Moss
/ npcscan add 71864 Spelurk
/ npcscan add 72769 Spirit of Jadefire
/ npcscan add 72808 Tsavo'ka
/ npcscan add 73173 Urdur the Cauterizer
/ npcscan add 73170 Watcher Osu
/ npcscan add 72245 Zesqua
/ npcscan add 71919 Zhu-Gon the Sour

And if you have paste, you just have to copy / paste this whole list directly to TomTom with all the contact details. Attention, as explained above, for some it is an area, the rare ones being able to appear in the surroundings to replace the normal monsters, so I took a median coordinate to the

/ way 27, 25 Archpriest of Flames
/ way 26.5,27.8 Dreadboat Vazuvius
/way 63,74 Bufo
/ way 53,50 Ashfall
/ way 70,50 Champion of the Black Flame
/way 24.6, 36.7 Chelon
/ way 31.8, 58.6 Ironfur Steelhorn
/ way 43.89, 70 Crane Crane
/way 60, 88 Déglingois
/ way 53, 70 Jadefire Spirit
/ way 64, 27 Garnia
/way 62, 63 Golganarr
/ way 24, 67 Great Fury Scale Turtle
/ way 57, 77 Watcher Osu
/ way 40, 78 Gu'chi the Swarmer
/way 51.5, 83.3 Jakur d’Ordos
/ way 31, 60 Emerald Jars
/way 34, 83 Karkanos
/ way 45.4, 29.4 Rock Moss
/ way 27, 75 Monstrous Seedseed
/ way 34, 72 Imperial Python
/ way 50, 37 Flint Lord Gairan
/ way 67.3, 44.1 Leaf-Healer
/way 58, 48 Souterrant
/way 54.6, 44.3 Tsavo'ka
/ way 45.4, 26.6 Urdur the Cauterizer
/way 47.6, 87.3 Zesqua
/ way 37, 77 Zhu Gon the bitter


Update of a subject published on August 04, thanks to data collected on the test server.

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