WoW - Winter Veil: Think About Gifts!

The gifts await you under the tree in Orgrimmar or Ironforge.

There you will find 6 gifts. Here's what I got in each:

  • Winter Veil Gift : Control of the flying Cogn'Baff
  • Carefully wrapped gift : Winter Veil Cookie
  • Party gift : Baguette of festive jubilation
  • Gently shaken gift : Winter Veil Roast
  • Gift with multicolored packaging : Tinkling bell
  • Ticking gift : Preserved Holly x5 and Mechanical Grinche

By collecting the first gift, exclusive to this 2013 edition of the Winter Veil festival, we get a tour de force:

This small vehicle, once launched, lasts 5 minutes and stops when it is destroyed (by another player using his Cogn'Baff) or when it is too far from its owner. We are then stunned for 3 seconds. The Cogn'Baff rushes straight ahead and does not stop, except when facing a wall. It moves like the characters (keyboard or mouse) and goes up with the space bar.

It has two abilities:


What here is in action:


And don't forget to do the event quests. Metzen needs you

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