WoW - WoD: Discovery of the Garrison (Horde)

Who I am
Valery Aloyants

After a few quests at Frostfire Ridge, I got what I was looking forward to: access to my garrison. Let's go together to discover my stronghold, an adventure that began with a goblin named Gazleu who helped me lay the foundations.


First quests

Immediately, I find myself teleported to the inn. There is an Innkeeper (with the ability to bind my Hearthstone), Provisioner Naya, High Lord Saurfang (Mission Specialist) and I meet my Goblin friend Gazleu (Garrison Architect) there.

The Architect gives me 3 quests.

A fourth quest is to be taken from Rokhan outside.

As you can see, these quests take us outside of our garrison, into the Frostfire Ridge area. As we had been told, the stronghold is totally integrated into the leveling, being one of the reasons that leads us to kill monsters, pick up stuff and escort lost NPCs.



Right next to the hostel is a portal to the capital (so, as far as I'm hordid, to Orgrimmar) as well as a flight master.

While walking in the stronghold, I meet my subjects, including various vendors and the possibility of repairing its equipment.



A charming little cave seems to be the dream spot for fishermen. There is even a fishing master for those who would like to improve their skill there.



A farmer takes care of his garden.



For the moment, the mine is closed, but I have no doubt that we will go for a quick visit.


Garrison plan

While walking around to carry out the first quests, we get a fief plan (barracks, level 1). This is our first, and certainly the easiest to obtain, plan of the expansion! With a right click, we know how to build a garrison.



To construct buildings, you need Materials, represented by an icon of tree trunks. It can be obtained by completing the first introductory quests.

When we are in our stronghold, a counter is in the middle of the screen and tells us that we gain 1 material every 10 minutes.


Architect's Table

The Architect's table is in 3 parts. On the left, we have the available buildings, in 3 tabs (large, medium and small) that can be dragged onto the yellow circles of the map. Note that constructions can only be placed on the right size pitches. If you click on a building, from the list or the map, you get information and costs by clicking on it, in the upper right part.


Construction of the Barracks

It's the only building we have at the moment, so we're going to build a Barracks. It takes 50 materials and wait for 20 seconds. There are 3 specializations for this building:

  • Reinforced Call to Arms (boosts troops with your Call to Arms ability to cause more damage)
  • First Aid (summons a Rescue NPC who will provide you with healing potions and bandages every day).
  • Prison (sometimes stops thieves who will have to pay fines or provide you with useful information).

So I just have to drag the building into the circle at the bottom right and construction begins.

Once the time is up, you have to click on the book, which you can see in front of the Goblin above in blue.



Very quickly, we will be able to recruit a first subject, Olin Skin-of-Siena via a quest given by High Lord Saurfang.

After completing the task requested above, I was able to get my first topic! We welcome Olin Peau-de-Sienne properly and this is the opportunity to use the Command Table for the first time.


Command table

In front of Saucroc, you can access a new interface allowing you to launch missions. Via the tabs at the top, you can see the missions available or currently in progress. So here we have 1 30-minute mission that will earn 100 XP.

When you click on the mission, a panel opens. On the left, we have all our subjects (well, yes, for the moment, my stronghold is not very populated). On the right, I can see the details of the mission: the level (90), the type (combat), as well as the enemy we are going to fight (Gronnlin de Frostfire) and the rewards. All you have to do is drag the subject you want to send into the appropriate box.

I give you a rather funny mini-animation of the subject when you slide it.


Garrison report

An icon is available at the bottom left of the mini-map that allows you to access the garrison report. Our mission is underway! For the moment, the report does not update (ie if we leave the window open, the time does not scroll).

So much for this overview of the fiefdom. Don't hesitate to ask me what you would like to see from the Warlords alpha.

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