WoW - WoD: Garrison Evolution (Alliance)

It is now possible to have access to many features of the stronghold in the beta thanks to a very practical character, named Garrison Ford, who allows you to cheat!

  • Third Fief 1
  • Third Fief 2
  • Third Fief 3
  • Missions
  • Subjects
  • Buildings
  • Invasion


Third Fief 1

Although I have taken screenshots of the Garrison at this level before, here are some new images.

Almost everywhere, there are always telescopes that allow normal access to a kinematics (does not work).

Monuments are now better proportioned!

We talked about it several times, Khadgar is back with his chatty servant!


Third Fief 2

Our stronghold is growing and now has real walls!

Outside, things are being built!

There are other sites for monuments.

The interior of the town hall is now very pleasant.

This is where we find the command table (where we launch missions, on the left) and the architect's table (where we build our stronghold, on the right).

We have 2 new basic locations (medium and small) while 2 other locations are locked (Herb Garden and Lunarfall Excavation, a mine).

It is of course possible to increase the buildings.


Herb garden

This building is used to cultivate / harvest Draenor Herbs.

After killing the Raccoons (a quest given by the NPC in front of the house above on the left), we can start cultivating the garden (the building is then unlocked and can be increased via the architect table).

Among the plants available we have:

In addition to the flower, we also collect seeds (as in the current farm).


Lunarfall Excavation


Fishing lake

It must have been there before but I only noticed it coming from the mine.


Third Fief 3

Here really is a fortress worthy of the name!

There are now no more tents on the left side of the door but a wall.

On the other side, the same. Suddenly, the Jardin des Singles is inside.

Still outside the walls, the mine can only be unlocked at third 3. Before you can use it, you have to kill an enemy inside, Dent-de-Pierre. The mine is unfortunately empty.

The same lake for fishing and a tower.

The tower is useless for the moment, except to have a beautiful view, on one side on the Valley of Shadowmoon, on the other on the fief!

Finally, the town hall is a real castle.


And some pictures of the interior.

Next to the tables, there is a daily quest.



At the moment, at the mission table, I have 2 doable missions.

The success of the mission depends on the subject you send.

And here's a screenshot of a completed mission:



Thanks to our good Garrison Ford, I also have a lot of topics! They also have a slight overlap problem. The big one you see the most over the others responds to the sweet name of Blouk.

Unbuckled subjects

Other topics



Always thanks to Garrison Ford, we get many plans!

  • Large
  • Means
  • Small



By talking to an NPC in our garrison, it is possible to initiate an invasion that comes in the form of a multi-stage scenario. There might be more than one style but here's what worked out for me. At first, all my subjects joined me. They follow me into battle and will assist me as much as they can. I was sorely lacking a healer, I don't know if it's a lack of beta or if I didn't have the right subjects. Anyway, as a thief, it was really hard to survive.

The story is rather simple, waves of monsters will arrive and you have to try to survive while killing as many enemies as possible. There are more or less strong monsters, some in particular will frighten the guards and are therefore particularly annoying.

In parallel, there are secondary objectives asking to revive fallen defenders or to escort citizens to the town hall. All these tasks will increase the combat score and thus the rank with which we will end the invasion (and therefore the rewards I presume). At the end, a big Gronn arrives and is particularly strong.

As a reward, I obtained 3 Achievements.


So much for this overview of the fiefdom! If you want to learn more about an item, feel free to ask in the comments.

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