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Nagrand is the main area of ​​Draenor. Indeed, it shelters not only Highmaul, the ogre capital, but it is also the zone where are concentrated the Warsong, tribe of the famous Grommash Hellscream. Finally, it is the land of welcome for the draeneis who took possession of part of the territories in order to live in peace following their accident.

We now invite you to discover the incredible dangers that await you in Nagrand. If you thought you had seen it all with Gorgrond and the Spiers of Arak, maybe you will be less perky when you learn about the creatures living in this corner of the world.


The Blafars

Maybe you find a strange similarity to a certain Golum from Lord of the Rings? You are not wrong because the history of the pale is close to that of this treacherous little being.

Indeed, the blafars are orcs at the base and what is more, young shamans following an initiation rite. Unfortunately, some of them are not strong enough to endure the visions that appear on their journey. Fleeing their clans, they take refuge in caves and live away from the sun. Over time, their bodies turn white and arch, making them filthy creatures.

They spend their days muttering incomprehensible words, perhaps they are related to supernatural forces? Only your courage will answer this question.


The Sabrons

Sabrons are a proud breed of feline humanoids whose main activity is hunting. These creatures are formidable warriors and they seldom act alone. Endowed with an incredible group spirit, these felines know how to lead coordinated attacks.

Very intelligent and able to adapt to any environment, you will come across sabrons in several areas of Draenor. Their favorite terrain remains Nagrand, however, because the hunting resources there are important.

So be careful not to cross their path, you risk completing their menu.


The Clogs-Forks

You already know these immense beasts since you have already skinned some of them during your adventures in Outland. Indeed, Nagrand is their native land and they live there in small herds, grazing the abundant grass of the vast prairies. Their imposing carcass makes them a prime target for hunting. From what they say, a single adult forked hoof can feed an orc clan for several days!

But their rough skin and large tusks make them formidable opponents, capable of crushing or impaling you in an instant. Beware of them as they move in groups, the mother often protecting her young. As a good hunter, pay attention to the sound of their hooves. In principle, given their mass, you should not miss them otherwise you will not miss them ...


Elementals of Draenor

The elementals of Draenor, unlike those of Azeroth, are not strictly speaking a threat. Indeed, these elementals there live in harmony with their environment. You will find them mainly in the Throne of the Elements, a place that you undoubtedly visited during your trip to Outland.

It is very difficult for the shamans of the Horde and the Alliance to tame these elementals because their nature is so incredibly strong. Their peaceful equilibrium could, however, be disturbed by the conflicts raging in Draenor. In this case, flee because the fury of the elementals could well be terrible.


Our tour of the creatures of Nagrand ends here. We learn that the danger comes from humanoid creatures as well as from beasts and elementals.


Did you fight or protect all these little people?

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