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Two new screenshots were posted on Twitter yesterday by Creative Director Alex Afrasiabi (@Abrosiabi). The first image represents Gorgrond, with the Iron Horde in the background. The second image represents Sleeping Talador.


Some information was also given on Warlords, on the forums or on social media (source MMO-Champion):

  • they are working on winged Arakkoa concepts. They will definitely be shown in an Artcraft when it's ready.
  • they appreciate what they have done with the male worgen but know that there are concerns about the female for many players.
  • expertise and touch will be converted into criticism, haste or mastery. There will be no specific rule for the conversion, but a mixed one.
  • flexible mode is unlikely to be about tank count. Too many changes to the mechanisms.
  • power (PvP) works everywhere outdoors. It is only limited in raid instance.
  • each character is rewarded once per day for Krasarang Rare.
  • the maximum number of honor points is 4000. Any additional point is given back in gold at the ratio of 1 point = 35 silver.
  • PvP gear is level (iLvl) higher and should therefore be more competitive outdoors.

In addition, Ion Hazzikostas spoke again about raids, and in particular reaffirmed that, although they will have different plans, they want to create non-linear instances. Highmaul resembles Firelands while Blackrock Foundry (image above) takes more inspiration from ICC.

@Featherkin Varied layouts, but aiming for nonlinear where possible. Highmaul layout resembles Firelands; Blackrock Foundry more like ICC.

— Watcher (@WatcherDev) February 12, 2014


Which region of the new Draenor do you prefer at the moment?

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