A big patch for H1Z1!

A 500 MB patch has been available on Steam for a few hours! On the program, a lot of changes concerning the Battle Royale mode (the developers have also announced a special BR event this weekend) and various corrections and various additions to the basic mode of the game!


Battle Royale

  • Players who stay on the score screen for too long at the end of the round will be automatically logged out.
  • The same goes for the player who wins a round, who will be automatically logged out after the victory event.
  • Player tracking has been improved. There will no longer be an error preventing players from receiving rewards at the end of a round.
  • You should no longer be able to find crafting items in spawn areas.
  • Improved graphics of the map.



  • The aiming point has been replaced by a cross.
  • The speed of the .308 round has been reduced.
  • The effect of gravity will be felt more with the .308, .223 and .45 rounds.
  • The zoom of the .308 riffle round is increased to X5 magnification.
  • Slight decrease in recoil when firing the AR15 without aiming.
  • The recoil will be much less strong when firing using the sight with the AR15.
  • You can hold your breath longer when aiming with a sniper's scope.
  • Once your avatar was out of breath, the viewfinder tilted violently. The effect has been diminished.



  • Each room now displays a life bar.
  • Damaged vehicles will display a life bar if you are close enough to them.
  • The Dew Collector now displays when it is full.
  • Saline's crafts no longer generate empty water bottles.
  • Barbed wire and spike traps are now arrow resistant.
  • The crowbar allows you to quickly remove ovens and barbecues.
  • Ovens and Barbecues are less resistant than before (less life points).
  • Storage Containers can be destroyed. Be careful, destroying a chest also destroys the contents!
  • New recipe: Demolition Hammer. We must use a Metal Pipe in the discovery tab. This tool is mainly used to quickly recover the structures installed.
  • Zombies will now focus their attacks on vehicles rather than the players inside.
  • If you are seated, you can now just press a movement key to get up.


In addition to these modifications, we will note the correction, as always, of many bugs!

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