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On ArcheAge Source, players are trying to compile in a relevant way the majority of the concerns currently encountered by ArcheAge, hoping that Trion will go through there and take note of the development of our version.

Problems with ArcheAge (pre 1.0)

  • Players are limited due to restrictions on player conflict and piracy:
    • Too many times PvP is disabled around Liberty Island.
    • Added three safe islands around Liberty Island.
    • Proliferation of safe areas around the world, including within cities.
    • Reduced business risk, the stakes are too low for players to feel invested.
    • Too many instanced dungeons where players can search for gear at full speed without the risk of conflict (PvP) or loss of gear (crafting gear).
  • The seats do not meet expectations:
    • Too long waiting time between seats (three weeks).
    • The instanced side of the seats is absurd.
    • Battles are often limited to waiting at the spawn point.
    • Successfully defending or destroying a castle has little impact for most players.
  • The artificial intelligence of the NPC guards is not very advanced. Interfering in PvP.
  • Items don't get damaged and gold doesn't disappear enough from the game economy.

Positive changes with ArcheAge 1.0

  • Class balancing.
  • Reduced presence of bots.
  • Increased the price of items on Mirage Island.

Negative changes with ArcheAge 1.0

  • Uselessness of Exploration: There is no reward for discovering secret places.
  • Delphine Coins are only available through Daily Quests, they can no longer be obtained through Trade Rewards.
  • Trade rewards are now just gold.
  • Stealing resources now only grants the hacker 60% of the total value. The original owner receives 40%. It's absurd.
  • The northern continent is an entire zone of peace.
  • Some in-game store items are too powerful. Example: Labor point potions with low cooldowns.
  • The passage from level 50 to 55 is mainly based on daily quests without interest.
  • Level 55 players are much more powerful than any other character that is not level cap.
  • The current exchange rate makes the game very tied to the store.


This discussion is currently underway, other elements can still be added but we see a large number of concerns especially on PvP, a major point of ArcheAge.

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