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At the beginning of the month we informed you of the arrival of the costumes with statistics on the NA / EU version of the game, a feature already available in Korea.

New information has been published on the official ArcheAge website:

  • It will be necessary to obtain new costumes. You will not be able to add stats to one of your current costumes.
  • The new basic costumes can be obtained using different means: at the Guild Prestige Shop or on Mirage Island.
  • There are 4 basic types of costumes: melee, ranged, magic, and healing. You will understand, you will have to choose your costume according to your gameplay because its stats will change.
  • To improve the basic costume you will need Synthium (random loot on any monster and 100% drop on enemies located at the Top of the Storm and open world bosses.), It will gain a new stat at the following ranks: precious, arcane and heroic. These stats are generated at random but will respect the base you have chosen. They can also be modified via a new draw each time the costume level up.

  • The appearance has not been forgotten: you will have the option to merge the base costume with any other costume in the game.
  • The basic costume has one particularity: it gets dirty! At the end of 30 days the stats will become inactive and it will be necessary to wash your costume with a synthium soap (buyable at any good merchant for the modest sum of 120 gold pieces or directly in the game shop.) So that it finds all its splendor.

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