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The new expansion pack, At Work, was released last week. I had the opportunity to test it this weekend and, while I was only planning to play it for a few hours in the morning, I spent my Sunday there. No doubt, unlike the previous addition of content (Destination Nature) which had not convinced me too much, this expansion pack brings a lot of new content.

My previous household, with the famous secret agent Sim Bond, was able to open his store. The advantage is that this new functionality integrates directly with your previous games. You don't have to recreate a household, or quit your job, any current Sim can have their store.

A store can be placed where you want, even if the most logical thing seems to be in the new area of ​​Magnolia Promenade. 3 locations are already occupied by stores and the last one is free for us. So I decide to settle down. Note that it is a priori not possible to convert a residential house into a store.

Creating the store works just like creating the houses after transferring funds from the house to the store. This is the opportunity to discover the recent additions on this side: swimming pools, basements as well as all the objects added as updates. Of course, stores have their own items with displays, refrigerated bins, counters, cash registers and other display panels. Even if the choice is a little limited (especially on the displays), we manage to create something nice quite quickly. As my character is a secret agent, I obviously decide to create a Buy More (as in Chuck).

So, in my store, the first is an electronics superstore while the ground floor is dedicated to my secret spy base. Well, on the other hand, although I used a secret door all the customers unfortunately go to the basement. My blanket is toast! We should really be able to prohibit certain spaces to customers.

The cash register allows you to manage the main options of the store:


And in particular to hire employees ...

... whose uniform it is possible to define.

In the store, it is possible to put everything, from objects that can be purchased conventionally for the decoration of our houses to the creations of our Sims (painting, crafts, invention ...) and collections. Each object placed in the store can be put up for sale simply by clicking on it. Once listed for sale, Sims-clients can purchase it. After the purchase, the object is replaced by a small sign which allows via an interaction to replace the object identically. Thus, no need to re-paint or re-cook in a loop.

Customer-specific interactions are available, identified with a petty cash register alongside.

It is really possible to have fun and create a small shop to take care of the days off our Sims, or on the contrary a gigantic supermarket that our Sim can live on. Electronics is also profitable because by adding 25% on televisions to 1500, it quickly makes money!

A little tired of this Sim, and impatient at the idea of ​​discovering new professions, I then took care of a new home with a Sim who was destined to become a great scientist. And there, the second great discovery of the new system of trades. Indeed, when it comes time to go to work, we now have the choice between letting the character go (the old system) or following him to his place of work. This only works on the 3 new careers (detective, scientist and doctor). Of course, I choose to go there and we meet in a large laboratory! Class!


Here our Science Sim can interact with other Sims and fulfill their needs. These include a shower, a small kitchen, sleeping areas and WCs so you can have a clean, rested and bladder-free day.

The day is presented like the events and the evenings, with a principle of objectives. Thus, we have different tasks to accomplish during the day in order to obtain points and fill a gauge.

Various strange as well as bizarre machines are available. We are going to create strange devices, water plants, discuss with colleagues, do analyzes ... The tasks are varied and there is nothing to be bored of. Suddenly, the days pass and it is directly possible to impact the success of our Sim. If the achievement bar is full at the end of the day (or at least correctly advanced), our Sim will be able to progress.

Scientists have the particularity of being able to create their own totally crazy creations!

I really regret here that this system is not offered for other trades. It might be more difficult to be able to play as our Sim in his secret agent missions, but what a joy to the idea of ​​maybe being able to do so one day.

Accumulating various crystals and other rare metals, I decide to open a new store for my Science Sim. I created a nice little basement for him so that he could rest on the spot. On the other hand, impossible to define the store as my home. And the same concern as before: my clients invite themselves to my salon ...

I especially regretted here the slowness of the order taking. This should be proportional to the value of the property. My crystals only sell a few units and it takes as long to close the sale as the TV.

Really welcome, this addition of content adds many hours of play and offers a more complete management of the life of our Sim. Whether at work or at his parties, we can act at any time and keep him busy. The store brings a new way to earn income (for those who prefer not to cheat) and a good pastime for days off and evenings. Finally, the possibility of accompanying our Sim to work is a real plus which brings real interest on this side.

If you have the base game, I can only advise you to invest! At work ! The extension is available for € 39.99 on Origin.

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