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A few days ago, I was previewing the next game from Aeria Games, Aura Kingdom. Taking advantage of the holiday season, the game has passed a new beta phase, being in Stress Test since December 30. So don't hesitate any longer: do not more beta keys to be able to play the game!

Take part in the adventure

Be careful, however, do not get too attached to your characters. A reset (the last) is indeed planned before the launch of the open beta. For the occasion, Tentonhammer conducted an exclusive interview with the developers. We learn that:

  • there will be massive PvP events.
  • Aura Kingdom will remain accessible and fun for all players whether or not they spend money.
  • several features are planned: housing, marriage system, survival mode (for hardcore players). As well as other classes (like the "Katar").
  • the maximum level will be increased at launch. Once level 40, there will be subclasses offering a wide choice of secondary weapons.

  • the changes brought about by the European / American localization of the game:
    • adaptation to culture and language
    • greater difficulty
    • new features like swimming
  • there are many ways to get Eidolons like through quests or
  • on specific bosses. Some are also in the store, but the majority are still accessible in-game.
  • 17 Eidolons, including the one available in the Founder's Pack, are available at launch. There will be new ones added as we go.

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