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The Battlefront beta is coming to an end soon, and it's time to take a look at the game and what we saw in this beta. The editorial staff of Games Managers played a lot, and we wanted to give you each our opinion ... objectively or not!



The game is absolutely sublime. The graphics and the sound environment are extremely immersive and make the gaming experience particularly enjoyable. I was really struck by the realism of the game. Even ship crashes are not ridiculous with such an atmosphere. For the anecdote, I had the right to a collision of fighters above my turret, and I could hear the debris falling on the sheet of this one.

Side handling of controls, movement and use of weapons are very intuitive. On the other hand, it is a little less so for air combat, I admit I need to be prowled.
On the other hand, the multiplayer mode is not the easiest to access for those who are new to FPS. Fortunately I was able to get my hands on the beta a bit, I might not have bought the game otherwise!



Despite the little content on offer, I found this beta to be a very good appetizer for the game to come. The point that I liked the most concerns the fighting. At first glance difficult to grasp, they turn out to be very strategic and require a good knowledge of the terrain in order to gain the advantage over one's enemy more easily. A very good beta therefore which is in line with the expectations of the Star Wars fan that I am!



The first thing I really wanted with Star Wars: Battlefront was to be able to immerse myself in this universe, which is by far my favorite, and I was won over! The game is really beautiful and the sounds with the music play really well! On this point, there is really nothing to say. On the gameplay side, we find the DICE button with a strong resemblance to Battlefields, which is not negative, on the contrary, with in addition the possible passage in third person that I prefer.

The only point that will remain to be seen is the repetitiveness but above all the extent of the content: I am afraid that we will quickly get around and get bored quickly. It will remain to do with the final game that I will take in any case, just to have good times to forget myself in a strong, very distant galaxy ...! In any case, the beta went very well, without worries and with very few bugs!



First of all, the game seems stable, no drop in FPS, no untimely disconnection, no crash. Very good point to underline. Regarding the game itself, the graphics are simply sublime, it feels like a real rebel or a stormtrooper. Very immersive.

Graphics aren't everything in a game, so how does the rest fare? First of all the weapons, despite the pretty nervous gameplay, we don't really have a sense of power when we shoot. The weapons all look the same, except the pistol and you don't really feel the difference in the different rates of fire and damage of the weapons. Pity.

  • Survival: in my opinion the least interesting mode, DICE made it easy with this Solo / Co-op mode, just waves of enemies to defeat. Not very interesting. to do with increased difficulty, but it is surely not the game mode on which I will stay for hours.
  • Attack of the Walkers: very good mode, the most immersive of the beta. Despite everything, I noticed too glaring an imbalance in favor of the Empire. Indeed, the strategy for the rebels is much more complicated and the Walkers have too many hit points and too little vulnerability time.
  • Zone drop: my favorite game mode! Immersive, nervous, pleasant objective to play, and unlike the "Walker Attack" mode, no imbalance because the objective is common to both factions. Resurrection of the player is a bit far from the goal, which makes the point quite complicated to take or defend. It can be annoying, but it also contributes to the charm of this fashion, we are perpetually under pressure.

This beta is mouth watering! Little game mode and weaponry available, but the little I saw of them convinced me greatly. Of course some adjustments are to be expected, but this Star Wars Battlefront seems very promising to me.



Since the announcement, I have been extremely enthusiastic about this game, certainly to the detriment of my objectivity. And this beta phase comforts me in the idea that we are in the presence of a very big game. We can see a lot of criticisms made everywhere, especially on the balancing, but it does not make us forget that it is a beta. On the contrary, I think that the balancing, at least for the moment, is not so bad, especially in the Attack mode of the Walkers, once the Rebels know the principle a little better. In any case, we will have to wait for the final version to get a more precise idea of ​​this balancing.

  • Survival: a little interesting mode in this beta, because available in normal mode only and limited to 6 waves. But I like this kind of challenge and if the difficulty is there, I agree!
  • Zone drop: dynamic, nervous. But a map on Sulllust too small for me, too open (a bit lacking in a corner to hide in) and spawn points to review.
  • Attack of the Walkers: my favorite, an amateur of Battlefield Conquest mode. Gigantic map, from the outside, from the inside, full of bonuses and asymmetrical objectives. I love !

I just regret that this beta was not the opportunity to discover a little more fashion, it's true that only three, it's a little bit just to get an overall idea.

What really stood out to me, I must say, were the graphics, and more specifically the optimization. Indeed, the game runs perfectly without any problem in Ultra on my relatively modest config, and this confirms my doubts about the recommended configs which are much higher than what is in reality. Good news for sure!



The game is very enjoyable right now with this beta. There are a few things missing to balance it out properly, so let's hope these little details get fixed by the November release. If we go into the details of each mode:

  • Survival mode gives a taste of incomplete ... which is normal since we are limited in the beta to the first 6 waves out of 15.
  • As for Zone Dropping, it's my favorite mode, dynamic, it moves regularly and one day alone can make the difference (if your team only plays the kill and not the objective, it's nice to know that).
  • For the Attack of the Walkers ... unfortunately I have only too rarely seen teams playing the goal. In the imperial camp, that's not too much of a problem, but on the rebel side it's quite annoying!
  • Finally, the Staff mini-game is a nice addition that allows you to play strategy and take a break in the FPS!

Anyway, I can't wait to see the final version of the game and the additional modes to come, including Supremacy and Fighter Squadron!


So many positive opinions. And you, what did you think of this beta?

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