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If you have not read the previous guides on Black Desert Online trading (especially the one on geopoints and links), we invite you to do so first to understand this guide correctly! Happy reading and thank you for your loyalty !

Geopoints, connections and sales

Workers and crops

After managing geopoints and workers, we will move on to a final aspect of trade in Black Desert Online : trade routes. With this means, you will be able to make money quite quickly and without too much risk.

It all starts with what transport goods. For this you can use a donkey or a horse, but they are very limited in capacity. If you have the budget (prices range from 35.000 to 180.000), you can buy a cart from the Groom, which has a horse as its icon, and which will offer you several wagons, the main difference being the speed of movement and the capacity. transportable.

Usually not far from the Gatherer, you will have a Head of Commerce (or in geopoints, it is often rather the cartographers who do business). At home, you will have a catalog of buyable and sellable items, sorted into several categories. We will first of all try to buy something to resell it for a higher price, for that, remember certain objects and their price (screenshots or a sheet and a pen are always welcome, we do not know never), then exit the conversation.

Now go to the map, here you can go see the market prices for the different geopoints (which must be linked to you) by clicking on the wheel-shaped icons, it will cost you in energy points (so it is better not to forget the purchasable items), and you will then have access to the same screen as 'with the previous NPC. You can first of all see if they are interested in certain items that you can buy where you are, but also at the price at which you can sell it, so if there is any profit to be made.

When you have found something to make you a little (or a lot!) Of money, you can buy the products you want to resell, they will be put in your frame which must be nearby (be careful of the weight limit that can be transported by your mount) and you can then mount it to the geopoint to sell it all to.

Here we can see that we can buy chicken at 731 and sell it at 851, or wine at 929 to sell it at 1049

Be careful when transporting resources between points because here you can get attack by thieves which can be recognized on the map by a black icon on a red background. If you don't carry anything, you don't risk anything.

Once at the geopoint, talk to the NPC with whom you can haggle (Trade Manager or Cartographer), go to the "Trade" option and you will see on the right the list of everything that your cargo contains, with for each item its sale price, profit per unit and distance bonus, because the further you sell from the place of purchase, the more bonus you will have.

It is not finished ! You will still be able to try to earn more with a trading system. For this, at the bottom of your list of cargo items, you have a "Price Negotiation" option which will cost you 5 energy points.

It is a small game which will ask you to put a scale horizontally in a number of strokes given in front for each one to choose to increase a little or a lot the weight of the scale on the lightest side (this switches on the 'other if the weight of the first exceeds it). If you lose, it won't influence anything, you will only have lost 5 energy points.

By successfully negotiating, you will greatly increase your profit, which can even double! You just have to sell all your items, and your fortune! Doing these transactions will also earn you experience which will level you up in Commerce, these levels will allow you to buy better items to resell.

On the left, the normal prices, on the right, the prices after a successful negotiation, it is not negligible!


And There you go ! You now know how to do it. At this stage, it will not take all the same not return to where you were originally without cargo, you can redo the same process in the other direction to resell where you were other items that are selling for more!

Finally, note that you can do good sales plans by selling goods in a region that cannot be found there, for example fish in an area in the middle of the land, where you will only have to buy them for a bite of bread near the coast. You'll just need a little patience to get there, but it pairs well with the added distance benefit you get.


So much for the basics of commerce! There are other ways to make money at stake, such as the market between players for example, but these means are the main ones and will allow you to get rich quite easily!


I hope that these guides will have been as useful to you as to me in making them! We'll meet soon for new guides on Black Desert Online!

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