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I continue my series of articles on the discovery of points of interest with the Sylvari capital, the Bosquet.


We have 5 types of points of interest:

  •  : mission (301)
  •  : waypoint (507)
  • : remarkable site (717)
  •   : skill challenge (202)
  •  : panoramas (266)

In parenthesis, I indicated the number of points of interest in the world. What to take care of, isn't it! Each time you discover all of these points of interest for a given area, you unlock a chest full of gifts. Rest assured, I'll help you sort it out.


In this area we have 4  19  and 6  . When you arrive in this area after visiting the Black Citadel, what a treat for the senses! It's green, full of life and cute. On the other hand, the visit is not necessarily very obvious, the city being spread over 3 floors. I therefore advise you to follow the guide:

  • higher level
  • lower level
  • intermediate level
On most screens, I leave the interface so that you can locate yourself thanks to the minimap. Take advantage of it?


Upper level (Chemin de Caledon, Upper working-class district)

It is the main level by which one arrives if one passes through the portal from zone 1-15 (Forest of Caledon) which I will name "starting point" (it is necessary to have one). There is immediately a first panorama, on the first house. It is accessed from the left, thanks to mushroom stairs hanging from the building.

The climb is quite laborious, especially towards the middle. A jump a little too short / long and we find ourselves at the bottom!

Further on, at the Quaestor's Terrace, there is a panorama on the roof of the Emissary's Shelter. Access is once again through mushrooms. The first large mushroom is a bit difficult to access, stick the wall on the left well, it helps.

At this level, there is also a panorama to the east, at the word La porte du rider des mers, accessible without a waterfall (it is a balcony overlooking the maneuvering field).

From this terrace, the access points are numerous and you have the choice between 2 lifts (1 going up, 1 going down) and 3 access ramps going down. The elevators are large vegetable pods that come to rest in bluish halos:

The southeast elevator triggers a small instance: the Omphalos Chamber which is in the canopy of the tree.

Take a look around because there are 2 sites to find:

  • Ventari tablet

I. Live your life to the fullest and don't waste anything
II. Do not fear the difficulty. The hardest soils make the strongest roots.
III. Only peace of soul is truly eternal.
IV. Everything has the right to grow. Flowering is the companion of quackgrass.
V. Never let injustice give birth to evil or sorrow.
VI. Act wisely, but act.
VII. From the smallest blade of grass to the biggest mountain, wherever life grows, you must grow too

  • Soul of the Light Tree

The second elevator to the north-west leads to the Tonnelle de Ronan, on the ground, the lower level.


Lower level (Ronan's arbor)

There is a crossing point at this level, various remarkable sites (House of Aife in the North, House of Malomedies in the West, House of Caithe in the South-West in an instance, House of Kahedins in the South, House of Niamh in ballast). To avoid missing a site at this level, the easiest way is to follow the road that goes around it. The houses look like this:

There are also 3 panoramas:

  • Dawn Garden, northwest, accessible via mushrooms
  • Way of the centaur, in the center, go up the access ramp just behind the crossing point. On the right you will see a mushroom road, once again play leapfrog.
  • Twilight Garden, to the south: this panorama is accessible from the upper level (see the intermediate terraces section)

Right next to the crossing point, you can't miss a big round door, a sort of cut trunk, shining with a phosphorescent green glow. This leads to an instance, the dream terrace, which allows you to discover the site of the Maison de Riannoc.

To continue, we will have to go back up. For that, you have several choices that you will have to borrow anyway to unlock the sites (a few small back and forths, that's good!):

  • Voie du Centaure (the footbridge behind the crossing point): terrace of the scholar
  • Tunnel of Hidden Roots (a cave in the far south with jungle worms): Scholar's Terrace

  • Large propeller, towards the middle: terrace of the scale
  • Courtilleracine tunnel (a cave, in the far north, with worms from the jungles): terrace of the Order

As you have just noticed, all these routes lead to terraces that correspond to the intermediate level where we find the terraces of the Scholar, the Order, the tender, the scale and the craft.


Intermediate terraces

Going around the terraces, we discover various sites (Abri des Veilleurs and Starbower Nursery in the South, the Hidden Shelter in the West, Durmand Assignment in the North-West). Go all the way around, passing through the waypoint, so as not to miss anything.

Normally, if you did like me, you are missing the Artisan's Way site, it is the access ramp which is to the east, allowing you to go up from the terraces to the upper level.

Go back down to the terraces to access the last panorama, previously seen from the lower level, above the Twilight Garden. To unlock it, you have to stand just above and drop below on this top of the house that we see here in front of me:


There you go, normally the loot box is yours!

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