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Today, I offer you a guide that is a little different since it is mainly a technical guide to help you progress. Of course, this guide is not intended for players with a high level but I hope that it can help players stuck in bronze / silver or even golds to progress and to rise in division. Here is a guide that is a summary of tips to help you progress effectively.


Rule number 1: patience

Let's start right away with a fundamental rule if we want to progress: we cannot win all the games, we cannot have an excellent score every time either. There are always certain settings that can block your progress at some point but on a lot of games they are minimal and those who claim otherwise are usually the ones who are not progressing and acknowledging their mistakes. The first point when we want to progress is therefore to stop constantly looking for excuses.


Rule number 2: prioritize team play

It's very common in ranked games to see an entire team turn on an ally and blame them for all faults from start to finish. If your ally is a feeder, it's as much your fault as his. Maybe it was counterpick? Maybe he's not used to playing at his post? Maybe he was forced to take a hero he doesn't know well? And many other reasons. If an ally is having difficulty, do your best to help them get back into the game and calm aggressive players. With a few rare exceptions, losing a game is never the fault of one person.


Rule number 3: self-control

Knowing how to ignore provocations and knowing how to distinguish the true from the false when like any player of LoL, at a given moment, you are blamed by your comrades is very difficult but nevertheless essential to move forward. Don't be pessimistic and stop referring to players' Lolking profiles to get a feel for it.

These three rules are the most important of all, if you are not able to apply them 100% of your games, it is very likely that you will not progress. It is a question of willpower like most of the efforts that one must provide at a given moment and it is the first step to get out of Elo Hell as many call it which is above all due to a psychological and behavioral blockage of your part. When you are sure you have mastered these rules, you can move on to the rest of the article, you did the hardest part and the most neglected by the players.


Rule number 4: communicate

While speaking to defame will very often lead to an expeditious defeat, speaking conscientiously about these advantages. First, remember to announce your champion picks during selection and recommend banners. Then there is a lot of information in play that turns out to be useful and you shouldn't hesitate to say a lot. Absence of an enemy on the map, enemy ward placed in a specific location, enemy without flash in lane, return of the dragon / baron Nashor / buff (note the respawn time of these monsters: 5 minutes for a buff, six for the dragon and seven for the baron, as simple as that). Be concise and avoid using too much the "ping" tool which tends to heat up the players.


Rule number 5: be strategic during selection and bans

You play in a classified game and especially at your level, it is better not to play just anything but sometimes also not to be like everyone else. I highly recommend you when you are the first in the selection to ban champions who really deserve it and not champions banned by "tradition" because they have a strong psychological impact. This can change at any time but here is a small list of champions to ban that I recommend / cancel:

  • A bannir: Lux, Diana, Thresh, Hecarim, Kayle, Elise, Volibear, Zac, Nidalee

  • Not to be banned: Malphite, Shen, Amumu, Darius, Kassadin, Xin Zhao, Morgana

Why not ban Malphite / Amumu? Regarding the first, by playing a few games, you will realize that it is no longer in top form in the current meta (among what is played, we finally find quite a few characters based on the AS apart from distant characters. With the changes in armor penetration, the armor itself has lost its luster, hence the strong preference for life accumulation now) and regarding the second, you will notice that this one is really overpowered only at the end of the game and that it is very dependent on its jungle buffs to attack while being very vulnerable to the counter jungle that we will discuss below. The others are all champions who have suffered many nerfs, being often banned in these slices of elo by tradition, they are often a little below average.

Tell yourself one thing: when you don't ban the tank trio that starts the list and the opponent doesn't decide to focus the three bans on these champions either, there is a very good chance that the opposing team takes one or more of the champions in question. Very often the attraction for these champions, whom most believe to be overpowered, will take precedence over the control they have over it. However, consider having a character on your team who can sideline them. For example, Zac Jungle will eclipse Malphite from start to finish if you play it right.

Finally, do not forget to take into account a minimum of the complaints of your allies, the upset them even before having started to play, this is to ensure that your chances of winning are reduced. Make sure you don't end up with two mages wanting to play in the middle or two AD carries on the bottom lane. Also like any player, sometimes think about making concessions and playing a role that you do not like and to apply yourself as best as possible. Asking your allies for advice is also a way to avoid a certain amount of blame.


Rule number 6: choose your champion

First of all: remember this: you will never win on your own. Choosing your hero is very important and you should always ask yourself the right questions. What role is the most interesting for my team? What type of champion do I prefer to play? Which champions should I avoid partly classified at my level even if I appreciate them? Which champions do I really master?

Let's be frank from the start, there are roles and champions in particular that will give you more chances to succeed. If you want to win at all costs, just tell yourself that the top lane (sorry to break the myth) is probably the lane that gives you the least impact in the game at this level and that the jungler is usually the one who has the most possibilities to give a significant advantage to his team; followed by the middle lane.

But then why do the outer lanes have less impact on a party? Quite simply because they are oriented "farm" and you do not have the same facility as the other two to move around the map to help your allies (see next rule). Having 10/0 because you tirelessly killed your opponent on your way and maybe the jungler in the same stride is not necessarily a good thing. Having only one very feed person in a team is the best way to lose in teamfight, even if it is an AD carry. If the whole team (and believe me they will seek to do so) take aim at you you may well become the cause of your defeat. Having a good score is not synonymous with having played well and vice versa. If nobody is feed, it is indeed more interesting to give kills to your AD carry than to your tank, but on the other hand if this one already has a lot of lead, it is preferable that this one be a sharer. . We can no longer count the games where a player complains of having lost with 25 opponents killed alone while he himself is (more or less) responsible for this defeat.

Of course, you shouldn't think that playing the other roles will lead you to defeat, especially if you have more affinities for them. Here is an approximate list of the most useful champions at your level in each category (we will not discuss the notion of counterpick, at this level, it is useless, really and seeking to automatically counter the choices of your opponents is also a another way to easily lose a game):

  • Top: Renekton, Irelia, Akali, Volibear, Rumble
  • Mid : Lux, Ryze, Fizz, Kha'Zix, Wukong
  • Jungle: Hecarim, Zac, Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV, Diana
  • Support: Thresh, Leona, Taric, Sona, Janna
  • AD Carry : Graves, Ezreal, Ashe, Tristana, Draven

The others with a very good mastery: Jayce, Zed, Varus, Twisted Fate, Mordekaiser (don't believe what you are told, this champion is very difficult to play because he does not forgive any mistakes in placement), Vladimir, Nocturne , Lulu, Orianna and many others because do not consider this list as a word of the gospel; you will be and will remain the first determining factor of your victory!


Rule number 7: help other ways

Helping your allies is not secondary but one of the most important points to grant you victory. If you're getting ahead of your lane, consider shifting discreetly to give your allies an advantage, help the jungler steal a buff, or ambush the opposing jungler. If you are the jungler, give priority to your ganks rather than your farm and the counter jungle (excluding buff) which will be less significant at this level of play. Of course, avoid rushing under the opponent's tower at the start of the game ( turn whose damage will increase in the next patch!) and kindly recommend to your allies not to push the lane (and do not wait until it is too late for that, the start of the game is very conducive to communication) in order to facilitate your ganks. There again, I advise you to take junglers with ganks that are both effective and fairly simple to achieve while being relatively strong to flee / fight in the event of an attack on the enemy jungle (see rule number 6).

One last point for junglers, think about doing counter gank, that is to say deliberately waiting hidden for the opponent to attack your partners to surprise him in turn. The key to the success of this operation depends mainly on your wards.


Rule number 8: learn to last-hit and play in lane

Very important when playing on a lane, know last-hit, that is to say attack a creep only when your basic attack is enough to finish it. In addition to saving you a lot of mana, this one allows you to avoid advancing the waves of creeps towards the opposing tower and greatly reduces the possibility for opponents to gank you. Take special care when playing champions that have strong AoE attacks. When you attack your opponent, you risk injuring a certain number of creeps and therefore long pushes.

If your opponent tends to push you, inform your jungler and try to last -hit as best as possible under your turn. At the start of the game, for most champions, you will need to proceed as follows:

  • creep warrior: a basic attack after two turns on the creep
  • creep mage: a basic attack before the tower hits the creep and a second after (if you have a powerful basic attack and / or a passive like Jarvan's, you can settle for a single attack after the hit turn.
Finally, very important advice and very little specified in the guides in general: do not try with a mana champion to systematically kill your opponent in the first 3, 4 levels (Pantheon at the top for example). If your opponent survives, which will often be the case thanks to flash (or simply the simple activation of a potion if you only harass very aggressively in the first levels), he will probably be able to recover all of it. of his life with one or two potions and you will find yourself without mana for the fights to come while your opponent will also have the advantage of doing much more harm than you previously with your low level spells and despite your reserve, your potions could well not be enough. Here again, the notion of patience is essential.


Rule number 9: wards for all

If I had to pass a law in League of Legends, it would concern the wards these small objects at the price of 75/125 golds allowing you to obtain zones of visions in the fog of war. These are neither reserved exclusively for support nor secondary on your equipment. The only role where you can do without a ward is the AD carry, but taking one or two when you have a head start can only be beneficial. The top lane and the middle lane must have at least one ward all the time or almost after your first back. The lower one must also take care of the dragon and beyond 25 minutes, it is up to the whole team to keep an eye on portions of the jungle and on the baron. In a close game, the decisive teamfight winners are often those with the best control of the map. If you are a jungler and want to do an effective counter jungle, warding the opposing jungle will greatly increase your chances of success. This is also essential when you want to destroy as many towers as possible (push) in order to quickly offer a large amount of gold to your allies.


Rule number 10: have fun and educate yourself

Well yes ... we are in a game anyway! If after a good number of serious games, the fun leaves you, stop and just tell yourself that you are not made for this game mode. Persevere in these moments can sometimes be beneficial but can, most of the time. time, make you forget the first three rules and thus sink into a vicious circle.

Also, it is important to keep up to date with the latest patches but also to watch top level player streams to understand in detail the potential of a champion and to look at the particular features of champions via various guides or the English wiki. The more you do, the more you will be ahead of your competition.

We are coming to the end of our game tips to improve in ranked game. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on the article or ask me on Twitter. We will meet again very soon for a new article. Thank you all for your loyalty!

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