Black Desert Online – PM Diary 3

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The big day has finally arrived, the release of BDO. At least for players with 96h early access. And to support it, Belsazar gives us last-minute information.

Here is a summary:

  • A 3rd "Croxus" server has been added for the Europe region.
  • A 3rd "Uno" server for the US region.
  • Not all the canals will be open straight away, the last ones will be open on the water.
  • The settlement of the Imps of the first zones has been reinforced.
  • The Beauty and Beast Contest rewards will be available from March 3.
  • Some store prices have been revised downwards.
  • Specials will take place from March 3 to 14
    • -20% on pets
    • Costumes with weapons will be 2 Pearls.
  • Other players' lanterns are now disabled by default for other players.
  • The new group loot system has been implemented. It gives the possibility, after a roll of the dice, to sell an object directly to one of the members of the group, the money thus obtained ending up distributed among the players present.
  • PvP system remains under surveillance
    • Configured as on CBT-2 for launch
    • A dueling system is under study
    • Season 4 Kr will be implemented directly.
  • Class Awakenings won't happen until the next update.

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