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Thanks to Harmonium XIV, one of the most active spanish-speaking YouTubers on Blade & Soul, here is a video guide that explains how to raise some money on the game easily.

It must be said that money can quickly become problematic, especially when you want to upgrade your equipment. So I leave you with Harmonium, who will reveal all his tricks to you.


Little summary :

The first method, we will call it the Banker method, simply asks for a starting money contribution (to simply double the earnings we need enough money to obtain an object that pays), this method simply asks that we or at the Market, you have to choose an object of preference that is expensive and watch the price variation. Once we see the price it sells for, we'll refresh the Loop Market page to get the item at a price below the "regular" sell price. Once sold, we therefore obtain a capital gain on the starting sum, it is a method that takes time and not super interesting but it works without too much risk if you are careful.

However following the maintenance in the video I have not been able to show you the Market but only to explain it to you, so don't hesitate if you have any questions.


The second method is simple, but simply requires playing time. It just requires you to be active, doing your daily quests (PvE and PvP) every day, as well as the dungeon dailies. In the video I show you an interesting day trip location.


The rogue method (the not very nice video method but it works). Advantage: no risk of losing money. Disadvantage: going to the dark side.

So you're going to need a bandit friend (preferably as mean and teasing as you are) and to do that, go to a dungeon that can drop items with a nice value where people will tear each other apart.

When prices go up, 1 2 etc. You will quickly put 50 for example, the head in the air will bid over it.

Then you are going to have to watch carefully if everyone is grayed out (have given up). If so, you give up too, and so does your friend.

Well done you have just stripped a poor fragile soul!

Why have a bandit friend with you? What can happen: no one bids, and therefore you are alone with your 50. If everyone gives up, you just lost them. So why your friend is blocking the auction and you have to quickly leave the group to cancel it.


And the last method, commonly known as the Mastercard method. You guessed it easily, I'm sure. You just need to use your NCoins purchased with your real money to buy . A method that may seem bordering on P2W, but better than buying from goldsellers!


Now that you have lots of tips, it's up to you! 

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