Cross Set - Preview of a Sudoku-inspired puzzle game

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Pau Monfort

Do you like to fill in number grids? Then Cross Set is definitely a game for you!

The game is based on the famous Sudoku rules: align series of numbers on columns and rows avoiding duplicates. At the beginning, it is very simple and there are only the numbers from 1 to 4. Obviously, very quickly, it becomes more complex! There are fewer and fewer clues, more and more numbers and more and more difficult combinations!


To play, everything is done with the click of a button. When left clicking on a square, the active number changes among the displayed propositions, the large number being the one that is kept. The right click allows its side to change the color from the square to red and lock it, a very quick and visual way to confirm a good combination.

To start, you have to find rows or columns whose combinations are safe, either because a digit is only present in a single combination, or because all the other digits are already used in the row or column. As much as possible, in order not to sink into false assumptions, it is preferable to avoid trying solutions without solid bases and to make the tour of the possibilities, as much in rows as in columns, before issuing hypotheses.

There is no time or options, the game is reduced to simple math, the menu only allows you to drop out or restart the level.


However, despite its simplicity, Cross Set is very addictive and quickly makes you fall into the usual "come on, one last puzzle" syndrome. When you see the low price (only € 2.99 excluding promotion), it would be silly to deprive yourself of fifteen hours of mathematical games spread over 8 levels of 8 tables (64 in all!) For the greatest pleasure of your brains!

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