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There are cheats in all games, old and new. And war has been declared for many months on DAoC as John Thornhill explains in his last letter from the producer. Since the last check carried out in August, they have adjusted their systems and, recently, a few hundred accounts have been banned for various illegal activities (use of third-party programs, radar / map hacking, speedhack). This is rather encouraging as fewer players currently seem to be cheating (there were over half more cheaters in August) and there aren't many recurrences.

Compared to macros allowing to control several characters (macro group), this will be tolerated in PvE and PvE-RvR zones (Darkness Falls, Celestius and Labyrinth) for classic accounts (not trial) but totally prohibited in PvP zones. (Frontiers and Battlefields). If you use these macros in these regions, you will receive a warning: stop immediately and nothing will happen. If you continue, your account will be suspended, potentially permanently. All test accounts will be immediately closed if they use these macros.

Finally, three points are modified in the rules of conduct:

  1. any evidence (screenshot or video) sent by a player regarding a cheater (via the email will now be accepted and used in investigations into suspected cheating accounts
  2. using software or hardware to link a shortcut to various in-game actions will no longer be prohibited (this is becoming more and more common and they even plan to support it in-game in the future)
  3. the kingdom point farmers will lose a large amount of kingdom points, the amount of which will depend on the importance of this farming and the account will be suspended. In the event that the account is restored, the character will lose all of his kingdom points (RP)

You have been warned!

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