DayZ - Changelog 0.53

The 0.53 is finally out and here is all it offers us:

Known issues

In some cases, servers may suffer from slight freezes (there will be a fix to resolve this problem). Throwing something while doing another action can get your character stuck in the fall position until the next reconnection.

Change Log 0.53.126384

New objects

  • Craft leather jacket, pants, bag, shoes and jacket
  • Balai
  • Paddles
  • Plumbing pipe
  • Steak knife
  • Hatchet
  • Crochet
  • Finned mass
  • Red, green, blue and gray sweater
  • Red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange and black quilted jacket
  • Blue, red, pink and black raincoat
  • Yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink and black armband
  • M65 jacket khaki, black, olive and tan
  • Bayonet for AK
  • Rocket gun
  • Ice ax
  • US excavator
  • Tire changer


New mechanics

  • You can use a sight in your hands with no limit on the Y axis
  • You can use rope, tape, or wire to capture a player
  • You can use blades, pliers, hacksaw or lockpick to free a player
  • You can make armbands by tearing up a raincoat
  • You can use the kitchen tripod as a melee weapon
  • You can attach a kitchen tripod to a campfire
  • You can transfer water, gasoline or sanitizer to any type of container (except soda cans)
  • You can transfer liquids from one container to another
  • You can get the skin tan using lime
  • You can upgrade an oven campfire
  • You can use an ice ax to extract rock
  • You can sew leather jacket, jacket, pants, shoes, hat ... with a tanner's kit
  • Construct fireplace states by attachments. (??)
  • Campfire consumes fuel (increase / decrease in firebox temperature)
  • Heat from one item can transfer to another (you can heat an object in the fire and then keep it on you to maintain your body temperature)
  • You can find worms by digging a garden plot
  • Planting in a garden plot is less efficient than growing in a greenhouse
  • Zucchini plants, seeds and growth process


New animations + audio

  • Hand position on the distress gun and reload animation
  • Pumping water to the fountains
  • Bang for supersonic ammunition
  • Whistling Bullets
  • Melee weapon sounds
  • Distress gun sound


New locations

  • Terra incognita
  • Castle on Skalisty Island
  • Nagornoe Village



  • New version of BattleEye
  • Antihacks
  • Vehicle persistence
  • The navmesh connected to the entity controller
  • Addition of logs for admins on private servers (connections, disconnections, damage, chat ...)



  • Suicide via various equipment
  • You cannot unpin a grenade lying on the ground
  • Painting of the Ghillie Suit
  • Arrows created no longer consume two feathers instead of one under certain circumstances.
  • Deployment of a ruined fish trap
  • Canceling an action in progress while digging in a greenhouse
  • Campfire heating process dysfunction
  • Dysfunction of the effects of humidity on temperature
  • Placement of hands on AKs
  • The kitchen knife cannot be placed in the backpack
  • Deterioration of the catch in the fish trap
  • Damage to the textures of certain ruined objects (book, heatpack ...)
  • Excavator size
  • Clothing size dysfunction
  • Heatpacks keep you warm longer, its longevity is affected by its condition.
  • Flash at gun muzzle


Known issues

  • Freezes on servers
  • Character gets stuck after throwing a melee weapon during a weapon swap
  • Sometimes the player cannot pick up an object from the ground
  • The V3S can pass through the ground under certain circumstances.
  • Players experience desynchronization from one side of the vehicle to the other.
  • Objects with too long classnames are not saved in the database.
  • Items in the backpack rearrange when connecting to the server
  • Player can be stuck in a building after reconnecting
  • Shadows and cities are linked to lower FPS
  • Camera clipping issues

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