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That's it, the first DLC of Defiance is in sight. Nathan Richardsson, producer of the game, announced it on the official blog tonight.

First of all, it reminds us that 5 DLC are therefore planned for this first season. It also specifies that each DLC will consist of a paid part, which will be unlocked by purchasing the DLC and a free part, accessible to all players, and an update to the store.

The first will therefore focus on Castithans, with the possibility of creating a character of this race, something that the community has been asking for since the game's release. These include a new PvP map, new game modes, new vehicles and weapons, and more. Do you want more ? "Enter the Castithan":


Paid part:

  • Playable Castithan Race
  • Access to a Story Mission with the new Battle Arena game mode
  • Access to the new Castithan Battle Arena
  • Charged Castithan Sword and Ceremonial Mask are History Mission rewards
  • A unique version of the Raptor, a new 4-seater vehicle
  • A unique take on a Castithan outfit
  • A charge weapon pack
  • New pursuits
  • New achievements and trophies on consoles

Free game

  • Access to new types of charge weapons and Castithan swords
  • Access to Headquarters, a new open-world game mode
  • Access to the Monolith Major Arches Fallout
  • Access to the new PvP map, Military Academy
  • Join a friend in the Battle Arena
  • Challenge your friends and neighbors to duels with the Duels game mode
  • Enemies, chests and events can drop charge weapons
  • Select a voice for your character
  • A host of interface improvements



  • New mods that color your Castithan sword
  • Chests, with a chance to drop charge weapons
  • More versions of the Raptor
  • Customization of the character: change of appearance, name


I see you coming, you are going to ask me the date of this first DLC, little impatient ones? Well sorry, no more info for the moment, stay Gamesmanagersd for the rest?

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