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To have a chance of surviving in the hostile universe of Defiance, a player needs one thing: a good weapon. That's good, that's precisely the subject of this article. Come on, let's take a quick look at everything the game has to offer.



On the weapons side, Defiance is really not stingy. There are no less than 13 different types of weapons. There is something for everyone, from the small submachine gun to the good old rocket launcher.

The Defiance evolution system leaves free rein to the imagination of the player, it is thus possible to equip any weapon. Be careful though, try to be a logical minimum in your associations between the weapon and the unlocked power. For example, it doesn't make much sense to use the overload power (which increases damage) with a sniper rifle, it might be better to pair it with an assault rifle or machine gun.

So let's see these weapons in detail:


Assault rifle

Multipurpose weapon par excellence, the assault rifle does not have major flaws, but does not have great qualities either. It will be useful in any situation, at short, medium and long range.


Submachine guns

This category of weapon is mainly appreciated for its high rate of fire, but is fishing for its low damage.


Light machine guns

The big nag's favorite weapon. Heavy damage, high rate of fire, but beware of reduced accuracy and long reload time.


Combat rifles

Combining high damage and dispersion, the Combat Rifle is the most powerful weapon at close range. Further…. It may not touch much.



Much like the combat rifle, the pump shotgun is a bit more powerful at medium range, but less powerful at close range.


Sawn-off shotguns

Very similar to the combat rifle, very good at close range, but beyond that, better to change weapon.


Bolt-action sniper rifles

The favorite weapon of the stashed. Able to inflict great damage, it must however be reloaded with each hit. To be reserved for snipers.


Semi-automatic sniper rifles

This rifle does do a little less damage than its bolt-on counterpart, but it has a significantly higher rate of fire.



The pistol is a light weapon, easy to handle and which possesses remarkable precision. But inevitably little damage.


Rocket launchers

The ultimate in deforestation… or the zigouillage of enemies en masse. Can sometimes be equipped with a locking system, watch out for your eyes, it will explode.



These are actually grenade launchers, these contraptions are ideal for dealing heavy damage to entire groups of enemies.



This weapon sends small needles crashing into enemies and unleashes small, damaging insects. On top of that, they distract the enemy.


Biomagnetic Weapons

Of Votane origin, the BMGs are a little apart. They merge with their carrier and connect it to an electric field. This electric field can be used to inflict damage on opponents, and can even siphon off electric force, thereby recharging the user's EGO power.



Similar to the EGO system, weapon and vehicle skills increase as they are used. At each level pass, these skills benefit from additional advantages, such as a faster reload, or a more precise shot.



Weapon Effects

Some weapons can be equipped with effects, which cause different types of damage:

  • Incendiary - Ignites an enemy for a short time, dealing bonus damage while on fire.
  • Radiation - Increases damage taken by an enemy for the duration of the effect.
  • Organic - Slows enemies and reduces their damage to you for the duration of the effect.
  • Electric - Paralyze a target and surrounding enemies for a short time. When this effect affects a player, their ATH disappears for the duration of the effect.
  • siphon - Absorbs life energy from an enemy and regenerates your shields and health.


Salvage is a bit of Defiance's crafting system. In a post-apocalyptic world, the D system prevails. Fallout from arches, despite the danger they bring, allow you to recover a lot of ark resources, which are then used for recovery.

It is from the main menu of the recovery matrix that everything happens.

Then just select the object you want to modify. Depending on the object, you will have several choices:

  • Dismantle resources : allows you to recover ark resources by destroying the object
  • Apply mods : to add mods to the weapon
  • Clear mods : allows you to unequip a weapon from its mods. Please note that this option currently makes all mods disappear and the weapon is blank again. (but don't lose their XP level or their own bonuses)
  • Collect mods : least advantageous option unless you come across an ultra rare mod. Indeed this function carries out the destruction of the selected weapon to recover the mod (s) applied to it.
  • Add mods location : action costing the most resources, but which allows you to add additional mod slots on a weapon (eg: unlock the 'butt' mod slot when the weapon only has the 'magazine' mod). The operation usually takes ten minutes and the cost in credit depends on the number of mod slots already available on the weapon and its EGO requirement.
  • Increase scarcity : allows you to increase the rarity level (white / green / blue / purple / orange) of the weapon or shield. Can only be done once! Afterwards, the equipment is "Encoded", which is indicated at the top left of the detail window.
  • Change mastery bonus : it is possible to change (randomly) the bonuses provided by the mastery of the weapon.
  • Raise the level : increases the EGO level of the weapon / shield, by means of arcs, in order to bring the equipment as close as possible to your current EGO level (in order to increase its effectiveness and damage).
As you progress through the EGO coast, you unlock new work slots, which allow you to multitask, for example dismantling a grenade while installing new mod slots on a machine. other.

Mods are components that change the characteristics of an item and are divided into four categories:





Each with different effects depending on the objects to which they are applied.



Synergy effects can be obtained when you equip multiple items belonging to the same set. There are currently two types of synergies: weapon / weapon and weapon / mods.

The weapon / weapon synergy requires carrying two weapons with the same synergy, in order to activate the bonus. Weapons with this type of synergy only have two bonus lines indicated on their profile, as in the example below.

The weapon / mod synergy requires a weapon equipped with mods with the same synergy. The more mods you activate corresponding to the weapon's synergy, the more powerful the bonuses will be.
Weapons with this type of bonus have four potential bonus lines.
Synergy bonuses are in addition to the usual weapon and mod bonuses.

Weapons and mods with synergies are relatively rare and difficult to obtain. Certain Defiance factions may also offer you equipment with specific synergy, in exchange for your loyal service. However, you will need to have the good reputation and the scrips to get them. (Remember to complete their contracts!)

Source: official blog


A big thank you to lukeskyw for its additional information.

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