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Here are the details of the Devilian Update 1.3 patch that was released yesterday morning. For a more succinct overview of this extension, we invite you to visit the official website. In short, the Rage of the Predatrix adds to the world of Devilian four dungeons, two Archidables dungeons, one raid, the maximum level is increased to 54 and 4 new equipment packs are added.


Devilian Live Update - Patch Notes

  • General
  • JcE
  • PvP
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What's new in predatory rabies

  • The Predatrix class is now available (reminder: you have to buy it in store to access it).
  • The maximum level is increased to 54 and the level of Devilian to 30.
  • The Phantasm, Carnage, and Slaughter merchants are now open.
  • Two new archidiable dungeons are available at level 54: Bottomless pit et Ruthless fortress.
  • Four new dungeons appear in Heroic and Infernal Difficulties: Dark Temple, Desecrated Tomb, Elemental Prison, Forgotten Prison.
  • Le premier RAID made its appearance: the Tower of no return
  • The map of Stormfront Invasion Site is now accessible.
  • New boxes of talismans
  • New recipes for building these boxes.
  • New grades of magic dust.
  • New PvP Gear: The Gorgon Demon


Character balance

In an ongoing effort to balance classes in PvP and PvE, we've implemented the following changes:

  • Maleficent
    • Flame Spear: Attack distance reduced from 20m to 16m.
    • Flame Shuriken: Attack distance reduced from 15m to 13m.
  • Mephistombre
    • Dark Vortex - Fixed an issue where the attack had a range of 4.5m when the skill was not "master".
    • The hold time of the Wild Blades skill has been reduced and the damage now has a cap depending on the skill level.
  • Armagedine
    • Whirlwind Piercing: Attack distance reduced from 16m to 14m.
    • Mutilation Flame - Attack distance reduced from 20m to 14m.



  • The cost of building Instant Healing Potions has been reduced.
  • The effectiveness of instant healing potions has been increased.
  • Enchantment values ​​have been increased
  • Normal quality Devilian gear enchantment success rate has been increased.
  • Recycling equipment now gives more magic dust.
  • New boxes of talismans
  • New recipes for building these boxes.
  • The construction materials for Talisman Boxes and Sacrificial Talisman Boxes have been separated. This will allow players to work together with these two sources, as well as an increase in the effects of recycling items.



  • Devilian Masteries must now be increased via Devil Souls.



  • Added Tragedy Shoulder and Weapon Parts to the Weapon Dealer.
  • Potions have been added to the PvP merchant: Heroic Healing Potion and Heroic Healing Potion Box.
  • The Abyssal Essence Merchant now sells Accessory Modification Runes.
  • Divine Charger has been added to the Archicorindon merchant.
  • The Devil Soul Merchant will sell Angelic Weapon and Armor Spirits.


Interface improvements

  • The server name is now visible at the top right of the character selection screen.
  • Selecting the Group / Guild / Whisper / Zone tabs will automatically switch the player to the writing mode appropriate for that channel.
    • The discussion mode will not change if the corresponding channel is not valid.
  • Pressing "/" will open a message beginning with "/" already typed.
  • The functions of the "Shift" key have been adjusted:
    • Left Click Movement - Active - Left Click: Move to cursor position. Shift + Left Click: Use a skill in stationary mode.
    • Left Click Movement - Inactive - Left Click: Use a skill in stationary mode. Shift + Left click: Move to the cursor position.
    • Right Click Movement - Active - Right Click: Move to cursor position. Shift + Right Click: Use a skill in stationary mode.
    • Right Click Movement - Inactive - Right Click: Use a skill in stationary mode. Shift + Right click: Move to the cursor position.
  • The ability to select multiple dungeon difficulty levels has been added in the dungeon finder interface.
  • The advanced search filter will now save options in the Auction House interface.
    • The interface will open to the player's default options.
    • Any change of option will be saved when the auction house closes.
  • The highest quality of manufacturing materials will be displayed at the top.



  • In preparation for the "Refer-A-Friend" program, a new tab has been added to the store. Warning: the program in question is still not accessible.
  • The shop will allow you to access the archicorindons merchant's list wherever you are.


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World changes

  • With the arrival of the Predatrix in Devilian, demons became more powerful from levels 13 to 30.
  • Increased the rewards of some co-op events and removed the last attack rewards.
  • The rewards system for cooperative events (Co-op, Devil Hunt, Rifts) has been changed. Now to be eligible for rewards you will have to have done a certain amount of damage to the monsters concerned.
  • Rift rewards have been increased to give more Savage Azalea and Chiaroscuro.
  • The Archidiable Dungeon loot system has been changed to have a better balance of odds between the different participating classes.



  • Jewel-type gear has been removed from Hellish Dungeons for sale from the Torment Tower Merchant.
  • Runes have been removed from Hellish Dungeons for sale from Soul Merchants.


Torment Tower

  • Abyss Essences reward rate and appropriate gear level have been increased.



  • A quest explaining how the shop works has been added (the item does not cost anything to buy but is of no use other than completing this quest).
  • Presence and Daily Challenge rewards will now be delivered remotely when you reach the required level.
  • Gold rewards from daily quests have been increased and equipment, gems, resistances, talismans have been added to rewards depending on level.


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  • Ailment Immunity Potion rewards have been adjusted in the following modes: Corrupt Course /
  • A visual effect has been added to the Tier 1 reward costumes of the PvP rankings in Normal and Devilian difficulty.
  • Temple of Depravity PvP has been changed to Friendly-type combat:
    • Standardized statistics
      • Normalized stats have been applied in normal and devilian mode.
      • Normalized stats are identical to other modes.
    • The required devilian score has been removed.
    • The average characteristics of the characters will be increased.
    • The characteristics of bosses will be increased while those of monsters will not change.
  • The buff shield effect that can be channeled via "Buff Tower" will be enhanced.


Guild tournaments

The way to determine the victorious guild has been changed in the event of a tie in the guild tournaments. When these tie cases occur then the following rules apply:

  • The highest ranked guild wins.
  • Otherwise, in the event of a tie, the higher level guild wins.
  • Otherwise, in the event of a new tie, the guild with the most experience wins.
  • Otherwise, in the event of a new tie, the oldest guild wins.


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