Dofus Update 2.36 Details

After more than six years, Dofus is finally getting a new look. The black bands are now a thing of the past, we can now take full advantage of our screens with the 16/9 format which has finally arrived!

We can also put our personal touch in the interface by resizing and moving the multiple tools.

Avant After


With a new simplified and redesigned interface.

Eh yes ! The game map also has not escaped the redesign, It too had the right to a simplification and a new design.


Surely one of the largest, if not the largest area in the game, the Cania area has nothing to envy to the other areas of the game. Completely reviewed, it has undergone a most complete change:

  • new monsters
  • 13 new quests
  • new successes


If you are a citizen of the world of twelve, you must have realized it, our friend the osamodas had the right to a new look and new little companions.

Goodbye Tofu, Prespic, Boar, Bjork Mage, Crackler, and say hello to Black Tofu, Plump Tofu, Black Gobball, Red Whelp and Black Whelp.

Three main families: tofus, gobballs, dragonets

  • The tofu family includes black tofu and plump tofu. The black tofu has not changed significantly compared to the new kid on the block, the plump tofu, which takes on the characteristics of the wild boar that we have known and which repelled its enemies.
  • The Gobball family, which is made up of the Gobball and the Black Gobball. These two invocations have kept their role which is to block the enemy, but can now thanks to the black gobball prevent the flight of his enemies.
  • And finally, the dragonet family represented by the dragonet and the black dragonet. The latter can now heal nearby allies, while the whelp can now remove a spell of spellbinding but has lost its "terrifying cry" ability.

Their predecessors being too weak and too easy to kill, the new summons have been strengthened and the summoner can now also transform into an enchanted creature.


So much for the main changes in this update 2.36. And you, do you like this new 16: 9 format?

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