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We are currently in the middle of the world tournament The International 4 on the famous MOBA from Valve. However, victim of its success in China, the dramas began to tarnish the image of the Middle Empire.


Leaked strategies

For the first part of the tournament, the playoffs, each team had a room with their equipment and it is from this room that the matches were played. Only during the draft (choice of characters to play), the Gamefy site filmed the discussions of Chinese teams Team DK and Invinctus Gaming (iG). A few hours later, a Chinese video was released on the web, followed by an English translation shortly after.

The community reacted immediately by finding that it totally misrepresented the tournament and the competition (the message thread on Reddit is quite ... violent at times). Indeed, the core of the strategies and their reflections have been revealed to the public. So many hours of work are useless; although the teams participate in the main event.

Valve has not yet reacted on the subject, except in the application of its protocol: the filming team of the Chinese site Gamefy no longer intervenes in the tournament because the organizer had not given his authorization for their presence. in the private rooms of the participating teams.

You can find more information in the Game in Asia article.


A live spat

The story comes from a rich Chinese man, Wang Jianlin, who said what he thought of the commentators for TI4 (tournament followed by his son): it is the worst commentary in history, no analysis, the commentator flirt with his partner. The famous couple Mik and Xiao Tian answered correctly that the way of commenting would not change and that it is still possible to mute the stream. However, after that, Mik told her boyfriend: "is he stupid or what?".

This was heard because the microphone of the young woman was still on. Wang Jianlin was in front of his screen at the time. The affair therefore took on a big scale and the commentators had to apologize.

You can find the whole story here.


A retreat

Celebrity Team DK player Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng has announced his early retirement following the TI4 tournament. He is one of the few players to have participated in four The International tournaments. He was also a member of the great Ehome team. We will really know if he stops his playing career at the end of the tournament because for the moment Team DK is doing well!


And the tournament in it all

Yes yes I am coming. Let's recap first because the tournament takes place in three big pieces:

  • Phase 1: The WildCard tournament that saw Team Liquid emerge victorious and advance to the next stage.
  • Phase 2: 16 teams met in single matches. At the end of this phase, 6 teams were sent home. Note the sad loss of the European Alliance team holding the title.

  • Phase 3: teams 7 to 10 faced off to determine the 2 teams continuing the adventure. Then the placement matches were held to determine the top and bottom trees for the main event.

We now know the matches that await us for this weekend. Note that teams that lose their matches in the upper bracket still have a chance in the lower bracket. On the other hand, a defeat in the lower tree is synonymous with the end of the tournament.


Be ready to follow the games from Friday July 18 starting at 18 p.m.

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