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Given the number of weak enemies present in the operation, we quickly come to the fourth boss of the Dread Fortress:  Zero Corruptor

Hard Mode: 2 health


Important points

This fight has a number of important elements detailed according to the enemies:

Corruptor D-15: the high speed salvo will throw you if it is not interrupted while the missile salvo causes a red area to appear on the ground and deals damage if it is not interrupted.
Corruptor D-13: the electric burst causes a red zone to appear on the ground and inflicts damage if it is not interrupted.
Corruptor D-09: these enemies only spawn when the boss is in ranged form and deal significant melee damage to your party.
Corruptor D-02: these enemies only appear when the boss is in melee form and deal significant ranged damage to your party.
D-03 Repair Droid : they heal the allies.

And here are the boss's abilities: Zero Corruptor

    • Nanite: This damage boost stacks on people with the boss's attention. it is recommended to trade at 4 increments.
    • Striking Mine: this lands on a random member of the raid. If this limb is ranged, the mine stacks and inflicts very heavy area damage. The only way to get rid of it is to get close to the boss. It is therefore necessary to be constantly close to it.
    • Bleeding: A debuff that regularly appears on people with the boss's attention. It is necessary to take care of this as soon as possible.
    • Laser beam: at the end of the fight, the boss stands in a corner of the room and launches a beam in front of him. This one does not accept errors since it will kill you if you do not avoid it.
  • Close combat form
    • Massive Stampede: Boss jumps and deals low lightning area damage
    • Heavy Lunge: This is simply a rampage. This attack is harmless in normal times but can still hurt a lot if it is combined with the bleeding.
  • Forme combat a distance
    • Antigravitational field: certainly the most deadly attack because after placing a red zone 15 meters in diameter, it will eject all the members present in it, inflicting very heavy damage. Cumulated with the well-off, tanks have little chance of surviving.
    • Chest Laser: The damage from this attack is low and shouldn't bother you for very long. It is still recommended to have no player between the boss and the targeted person.
    • Missile Barrage: This attack is very similar to that of Titan6 because missiles will fall on each limb, dealing area damage. the only difference is that it is still reasonable if you are grouped together.


Course of the fight

This boss has been a big topic of conversation since this week because it has indeed been corrected. We now have impact mines that cast and stack correctly. You are therefore now forced to regroup near the boss on all phases unless you regularly want to see the life of the group melt unnecessarily. In order to optimize the damage, it is recommended to place the boss near a pillar because this one throws you regularly.

Regarding weak enemies, they appear 20 seconds after the arrival of the boss and then every minute. In order to limit the loss of life as much as possible, I recommend the following order of priority:

Corruptor D-02 or D-09> Repair droid D-03> Corruptor D-13 or D-15

After the 4th group (or even less depending on your composition), the boss should be around 30% health. It is at this moment that he decides to send himself then to descend on one of the white dots of the map to incant his laser beam. You will then have to determine its exact location quickly so as not to die (I advise you to look at your minimap). Knowing that he repeats this operation 4 times and that he systematically changes lines, you will simply have to alternate between the two black circles after each ray. To make matters worse, weak enemies will come and attack you.

If you can get through this phase, even with a few deaths, don't worry because the rest is no more complicated than banging on a training dummy. Still stay together near the boss because he will continue to cast his percussion grenades.


Corruptor Zero has been much more complicated to kill over the past 2 weeks due to a bug on his "impactful mine" spell. This bug having been modified yesterday with patch note 2.4.3, it is time to review the changes.

Finally, there is no very big change on the starting guide but rather a precision that will make all the difference in this fight: The spell of the impacting mine now at a minimum distance of 3m (instead of 10m), This comes down to saying that you have to stay glued to the boss at all times.

For the phases of weak enemies, I recommend the following system:

  • Pack 1 and 3: the tank which at the threat of the boss runs towards the pack, generates zone threat then its partner recovers the boss.
  • Pack 2 and 4: let the enemies come to you and seize the probes if possible, otherwise, let your remote classes take care of it.

For the famous red zones, there is only one thing to do ... anticipate them. Here's a fairly easy way to predict them:

  • Zone 1: After killing pack 1, Corruptor Zero changes shape and then places his zone.
  • Zone 2: After the appearance of pack 2, Corruptor Zero casts the Missile Barrage then places his area (He sometimes casts a mine between the two).
  • Zone 3: After killing pack 3, Corruptor Zero changes shape and then places his zone.
  • Zone 4: After the appearance of pack 4, Corruptor Zero casts the Missile Barrage then places his area (He sometimes casts a mine between the two).



This fight is ultimately not so complicated as long as all the mechanisms are understood by all. This still requires that your damage classes are equipped correctly because the longer the groups of enemies take to kill, the more damage your group will receive.



  • Secondary hand 78 type Token
  • Sword of the Corruptor (related to Legacy)
  • 2 random pieces out of set 78
  • 2 exotic element equalizers
  • 1 generator mass manipulation
  • 6 ultimate distinctions
  • 8 elite distinctions



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