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In order to continue this series of articles on the companions of the Sith Inquisitor, you will find below the list of companions as well as the choices of dialogues to do or to avoid.

Indeed, each time a companion accompanies you and that you take or return quests your choices may or may not please him. This then gives rise to an addition of points of affection in positive or negative. This summary sheet can help you guide your choices with simple but effective tips. I invite you to read the first article if you haven't already.


These choices of dialogue, it is you who decide them according to the "role play" that you want to give to your character. However, some choices may not appeal to all of your companions. Also if you want to have a romance with some of them, annoying them all the time risks disrupting your naughty ambitions or at least dragging things out. It is true that in love, waiting before the first kiss is for many the best time but at some point you have to assume and go for it ...

There are therefore 2 conceivable and sympathetic solutions available to you to optimize the affection of your companions and make sure that everyone is happy despite your obscure choices or your bright choices. Indeed, you should know that despite their sometimes oriented character, depending on the situation some companions may accept obscure choices while they are a little care bears in their heads (no I'm not talking about the "blonde" Jedi of the 'Sith Inquisitor).

  • Either you harmonize your choices according to the companion who accompanies you and for his good you only make the choices that he likes. So you become submissive to your companion (yes it's you I'm looking at friends "nice" Bounty hunters submissive to the delicious Mako ...)
  • either you decide to remain consistent with the idea that you have made yourself of the way of acting of your character and therefore you assume all his acts, you are therefore free, it is your companion who is subject to your choices. like it or not.

Personally my choice goes of course towards the second proposition. But you will tell me, yes of course, but that is not at all "opti". Well no, because there are simple tips to follow that will allow you to optimize all of this.


My advice to optimize affection while keeping your freedom in the choices of dialogue

First of all you need to know a few basic things: 

  • you can cancel a dialogue by pressing the esc key before the dialogue is validated.
  • it is always your last choice that counts since it is the one that you will validate
  • you can change your companion before starting a dialogue
  • you can stop a dialogue then change companion to relaunch this same dialogue
  • the escape key is your friend.
  • the space bar too

From these tips follow a fairly simple practice to perform but which can be applied whatever your choice (free or submitted to your companion). You are of course free to follow these tips, indeed, it is necessarily a bit laborious and you may have to test several possibilities before finding the right one. Of course, this is not very spontaneous, but we must also admit that sometimes certain choices of dialogue offered by Bioware do not really reflect the rest of the conversation. Under these conditions, another choice of dialogue may be more judicious.

Thus, when you participate in dialogues with choice, you are free to reset it in order to make other choices that please your companion more. In the worst case, do not hesitate to change companions so as not to suffer a sharp loss of affection for one of them.

So, just yesterday, while doing quests on Belsavis with my little blonde Ashara (I won't spoil so you can read on) the obscure choice in a quest was invariably costing me a hundred points. affection with her. Wishing to respect the story of my character and my freedom and after a few tries and changes in the dialogue choices, I had no other choice but to fire Ashara and take my Greek chti Andronikos who appreciated my choice. A few seconds later Ashara returned for the rest of my adventures but I had kept my freedom and in my great kindness I had not imposed on her the sight of a horrible action which would have traumatized her forever (the poor already she is not fute-fute).

In the end, everyone is happy and you have optimized the distribution of affection points.

In order to optimize all this you can take inspiration from these recommendations.

Example: The Sith Inquisitor's Dialogue Choices

In bold, a general orientation inspired by the dungeons and dragons role-playing game, for the dark and clear choices it can help.

  • Khem val
  • Andronikos Revel
  • Ashara Zavros
  • Talos Drellik
  • Xalek

Rather chaotic bad

Likes: killing Force users, shows of force, making dumb people miserable
Hate: weakness in all its forms, not killing Force users

Neutral bad

Likes: action, keeping promises, complications
Hates: authority, betrayal, backing down in a fight

Neutral good

Likes: reasonable choices, secrets of the Force, fighting thugs
Hate: gratuitous cruelty, fighting against the Jedi

Loyal bon

Likes: artefacts, discovery, history, feelings of pro-empire, clever puns
Hates: cruelty, rudeness, secrets of his allies

A priori loyal chaotic

Likes: following the Sith Code, fighting when there is an overwhelming advantage, brevity
Hates: pity, weakness, talking

Good road to the dark side of the force ... or not

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