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Endless Legend is a 4x type turn-based strategy game (eXploration, eXpension, eXploitation, eXtermination) we already gave you a preview here during early access. Here is the sequel a few weeks later.

So I start a game in didactic mode and I find myself with three characters at the top of a green hill. I am invited to click on this unit, which will allow me to create a new city. The beginning of glory, I assure you! The tutorial informs me of the function of the different icons as well as the hit points of the unit, the distance to travel and the notion of field of vision. I position my city in this way and then I am invited to click on it. There are 5 forms of resources: food, science, production, haze (currency), and influence.

At the start, I only have one small worker. As my city grows, the number will follow which will balance or maximize modifiers as needed. When you move a worker, the effects are not taken into account until the next turn, but you can directly see the impact on production. From what I could see, for industrial production, it is useless to have dedicated resources if no production is in progress.

The list of constructible buildings is available at the bottom left of the screen, each building can only be built once. Next to the available buildings is the construction queue, which allows you to quickly get an overview of what is in progress and the number of turns before it is completed.


After construction, let's take a look at science. Each new technology costs more and more each time. And the more we advance in the ages, the more this cost increases. Logical you might say, but it hurts the (virtual) wallet. The technologies circled in blue are already known.

Let's go back to our business now that I have made the tour of the options: a right click and we return to the city. Having finished my actions, I click on the End of turn button.

Good news: my city has just had a new worker. This will allow me to increase my number of science researchers. A new district is also available. I will be able to use it to increase the area of ​​my city and subsequently avoid overcrowding problems. However, this will decrease the level of happiness in my city, as well as industrial and food production.

It is now proposed to me to create a soldier. In order to get rid of the waiting time, it is possible to buy time thanks to the mists for the units or the buildings. Automatically, when creating my soldiers, a garrison was created and militiamen added to protect my city. In order to group my two units, it is proposed to me to create an army.

I do so then I direct my army towards a ruined area where things would be ... but nothing ... In the end, I am needed to defeat monsters nearby. So I send my army towards this mysterious place still hidden by the fog. While inspecting the ruins, a new quest presents itself to me. I am close to a minor faction, the Mercy Sisters, and the purpose of my mission is to parley with them.

Then begins a fight against a wandering army. I have to choose between several reactions: attack, defense or hold my position. I chose defense. The game map then turns into a delimited war zone and I can choose to place my units on predefined zones in blue. I can also take a closer look at my troops and their capabilities. I declare myself ready to fight and to do battle against this scolder! Battles last a maximum of 6 turns. It will be possible later to let the AI ​​manage this part.

A good thing done ! Here is a quest completed, money and resources acquired. In addition, a new friendship with this faction is acquired (yes because I fought this army to help them).

The management of the empire is accessible via a menu where you can find various information such as the luxury resources in our possession, their effects, as well as their durations. We will also find the related bonuses and the strategy of the empire as well as the possibility of assimilating minor factions. These last two use influence to enable their uses. Every 20 turns, it will be possible to influence this choice.

It is now proposed to me to create a dye extractor. I position it even if it is outside my area of ​​influence. Then I improve my units by going through the armies and units management menu. I need to create a new unit template. So I choose the armor, the weapons and the name of the unit. This gives a cost in resources and in production which will define its creation time according to my production capacity.

It's time to turn to the hero. Unlike standard units, a hero can be injured but not killed on the battlefield. Before assigning my hero, I can take a look at his skill tree, as well as his equipment.

This is how the tutorial part ends.


The game itself is very similar to Civilization. It is possible to play alone or in multiplayer mode. The distinction between friends and public is based on the principle of Steam friends. Below, you will find the 8 campaign creation screens for each of the 8 factions:


  • Untamed
  • Fallen Lords
  • Exiles
  • Necrophages
  • Burning Mages
  • Wandering Clans
  • Drakkens
  • Cultists


A function that was not described in the tutorial but which was very useful to me, it is the CTRL key which allows to queue actions, during fights, research or the perimeter of influence that you can choose once every 20 turns.


The seasons also affect your Empire.


I wouldn't tell you to buy it because it's spanish. But if you like 4x, you won't be disappointed. There are some improvements including AI to do, but I guarantee you this game is worth the detour.


In conclusion, the official trailer:


The game is available on Steam from € 29.99.

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