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Following the video published by Zenimax on the evolution of characters in TESO, the team at wrote an interesting analysis which gives us some additional elements.

  • there are three types of skill trees: individual (race and class), generals (weapon, armor, crafting) and dynamics (mage & warrior guilds, vampire, werewolf, and even emperor tree ).
  • weapon skills improve by equipping weapons on oneself and placing active abilities of this weapon in shortcut bar.
  • treesarmor have skills passive and active.
  • active skill levels may rise faster than your character level depending on whether they are placed on the hotbar or not.
  • Craft skills change when you engage in activities in a particular profession. This is called "inspiration"eg: If you convert an armor set into spare parts, your armorer skill will increase, if you make a new potion, it will be your alchemy skill.
  • just like the system of reputation which allows you to increase your "levels" for NPC guilds (warriors, mages), inspiration for crafting is not not related to general experience of your character.
  • les skill points are not only acquired through character levels. There are also the celestial shards (skyshards) and some quests important points that give skill points as a reward, or earning grades and PVP.
  • there will be no reset system skill points (note: that's what they say, but we have proof that no, there will be many resets possible, this has also been confirmed recently).
  • class abilities all use magicka, not just wizards.
  • other skills (weapons, armor) use stamina.
  • Ultimate skills use a special resource that recharges depending on how you fight. (blockages, interruptions at the right times allow you to climb faster).
  • it is possible to assign multiple skill points in passive skills in order to improve their efficiency.
  • les synergies are the result of a specific skill launched by a character that allows members of his entourage to react by pressing a key at the right time to activate the "bonus" effect.

All this information helps to complete Zenimax's presentation on character development and already answers many questions.

You have more questions ? Do not hesitate to ask them here!

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