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The server has just been updated to version 1.4.3. On the program for this update are the upper region of Raidelorn, the Trial of Sanctum Ophidia and the Dragonstar Arena. In the latter, you will be challenged to defeat 10 waves of monsters with a party of 4. To provide progression after these new encounters, the Veteran Rank limit has been increased to 14.

This update is also an opportunity to improve various PvE objectives and many regions of the game, in their gameplay, artistic direction, item creation, quest management, interface and Alliance warfare. . But here is the summary of the important points.

  • Head north from the devastated lands around the city of Belkarth, and discover new lands! The landslide to the west has been cleared, and the Iron Orc barricade is broken. The Dragon Star route is open to travelers. The insidious Scaly Court and their Iron Orc allies are preparing a new invading force around their master, made up of terrible masters created through the ancient alchemy and magic of the Nedes. Six new Party Dungeons, three new Party Instances, and the Dragonstar Settlement await!

Trial of the Serpent: Sanctum Ophidia

  • Enter the seat of power in the Scaly Court and face off against the Heavenly Serpent himself. Defeat the most loyal members of the Scaly Court, face the monstrous trolls and other nightmares with which the Scaly Court defends its god. Those who return to the Citadel of Hel Ra or the Aetheric Archives after having overcome the trials of Sanctum Ophidia will notice that their actions have had tangible effects.

Dragonstar Arena

  • In the mountains north of Dragonstar, abandoned ruins have been redeveloped into an arena by a previously unknown champion. Warriors from all over Tamriel surge there to clash in bloody games. If they survive, fame and unimaginable treasures are within their grasp. In Normal or Veteran mode, a group of four players can enter the arena and take on one of the bloodiest challenges ever!

Nirn's Temper Craft Trait

  • A new crafting trait, Nirn's Temper, has been discovered in Raidelorn! The items needed to grant this trait are rare, and can be found during harvests in High Ridgeorn. But that will not be enough: other studies will be necessary to discover the secrets of this Temper.

Expanded dungeons

  • The dungeons encountered in Bangkorai, Camarde's March, and the Breach are now larger, and contain more monsters and loot. This is part of the progressive effort to expand the dungeons throughout the game.

Group improvements

  • We have started improving group formation and expanded more quest requirements to make them compatible with groups. We have also condensed / removed the number of layers for a particular purpose. This will dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, the occasions when you are separated from your party members or other players. We have changed the following objectives:
    • Port-Grison
    • Conflicting emotion
    • Cormont
    • Dune,
    • Aigle-sur-Rive
    • Eidolon Hollow
    • Prime-Tenure
    • Or-Fol
    • Ande d'Émeraigues
    • Hallin's Glory
    • Karthdar
    • Lunehenge
    • Manna of Morwha
    • Necropolis of Motalion
    • Ruins of Nilata
    • Norval
    • Onsi's Breath
    • Pélin cemetery
    • Rougepel trading post
    • Rooms In
    • Senalana
    • Sep's backbone
    • Silverhoof Vale
    • Gray quagmire
    • Throne of Tu'whacca

PFX priority

  • We've installed a priority and distance-linked exclusion system to ensure that all relevant skill effects affecting your character or party are working and taking priority over other effects, so that you don't lose telltale signs of combat in the mass of effects. This system was implemented to improve the memory management of effects, so that important effects do not disappear during instance fights. This ensures that these skill effects will be displayed, but could also improve overall performance in certain PvP scenarios and in dungeons.

New Veteran Rank

  • In order to provide new items and give a higher sense of progression in Dragonstar Arena, Sanctum Ophidia, and High Raidelorn, the maximum Veteran Rank has been increased to 14. Reduced Veteran Point cost for ranks 13 and 14 so that the progression is faster.

Enchantments affecting skills

  • We have added new enchantments affecting the skills that can appear on weapons obtained in the Dragonstar Arena, Trial of the Serpent, Trial of the Serpent on Hard difficulty, and in War rankings. Alliances.
    • Generalized Healing: This skill now restores Stamina to all allies in the area.
    • Cleaver: This skill deals bonus damage on the first hit.
    • Puncture: This skill heals whoever uses it.
    • Twin Slashes: This skill deals additional bleeding damage with each activation.
    • Poison Arrow: This skill increases your weapon damage when attacking targets affected by Poison Arrow.
    • Destructive Touch: This skill deals more damage and costs less.


You can find the entire patch note on the official forum. There is also a list of known issues (to consult before complaining to the support if you encounter a strange and mysterious bug!).

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