FFXIV - 2.1: modifications to the Arsenal

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In 2.1, some abilities and techniques of the Disciples of War and Magic undergo some modifications. So that you do not miss this information drowned in the huge patch note, here is a recap.



  • Blanket : The maximum teammate distance is now 10 yalms, down from 6.
  • Shield oath : Enmity gain has been increased.



  • Volley of blows : Power is now 150 instead of 130.
  • Direct punch : When attacking from behind, its power is now 190 instead of increasing critical chance.
  • Inner looseness : Effect now increases critical chance by 10% (was 20%) Regarding the trait "Improved Inner Looseness" always increases critical chance by 30%.
  • Twin snakes : The duration of the damage increasing effect is now 15 seconds, down from the current 12.
  • Demolition : This action deals direct damage of 30 ability power in addition to periodic damage. Power is 70 when attacking from behind.
  • Lightning speed : Damage dealt is now increased by 9%, down from 7%.
  • Lightning Speed ​​II : Damage dealt is now increased by 18%, down from 14%
  • Lightning Speed ​​III : Damage dealt is now increased by 27%, down from 21%.



  • Shoulder kick : The cooldown is now 30 seconds, down from 60.
  • Thunderous blow : Power is now 120 instead of 80.


  • Swing brutal : The cooldown is now 40 seconds, down from 60.
  • Domination : Enmity gain has been increased.
  • Coup de grace : The cooldown is now 40 seconds, down from 60.
  • Thrill of battle : Effect duration is now 20 seconds instead of 10.
  • Cleaver of justice : A target damage reduction effect has been added when the target is used in a combo.
  • Holmgang : The range is now 6 yalms instead of 3. An effect that draws the target towards the character has been added. The character's HP cannot drop below 1 during the duration of the effect, and the character can change facing.
  • Reprisals : An effect that reduces damage received by 30% has been added.
  • Eye of the storm : PT cost is now 60 instead of 70.



  • Challenge Enmity gain has been increased and an effect that increases healing magic received by the character by 20% has been added.
  • Inner beast : HP recovered is now equal to 100% of damage dealt instead of 300%. An effect reducing damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds has been added.
  • Postage : The cooldown is now 120 seconds, down from 180.
  • Iron cyclone : An effect that increases enmity gain has been added.
  • Rage : The effect making healing magic more powerful on the character has been removed.


Pole master

  • Powerful breakthrough : The increased damage dealt while sideways attack is now 15%, down from 10%.
  • Total breakthrough : The power of the combo is now 330 instead of 300.
  • Double breakthrough : Periodic damage power is now 25, down from 20.
  • Blood for blood : Effect now increases damage dealt by 10%, down from 20%. Blood for improved blood is always increased by 30%.
  • Chaotic breakthrough : The power of the combo is now 200 from 160. The power of the combo's periodic damage has been reduced from 30 from 20.


Dragon knight

  • Jump : The animation has been changed, resulting in a reduction in the still time.
  • Spinebreaker pique : The animation has been changed, thus reducing the still time.
  • Breath of power : The cooldown is now 60 seconds, down from 90.
  • Dragon sting : The animation has been changed, thus reducing the character's immobility time.


  • Shadow hindrance : The cooldown is now 40 seconds, down from 12.
  • Hawk Eye : The effect is now: "Dexterity is increased by 15% and attacks hit for sure."



  • Deadly rain : Attack reduces target's dodge by 10%, replacing damage. PT cost is now 180, down from 200.



  • Extra care : The spell has a chance to reduce the MP cost of the next "Mega Heal" by half instead of increasing the critical chance.
  • Mega Care : Casting time is now 2 seconds instead of 2,5. The range has been increased by 6 yalms instead of 4.
  • Extra medical : The periodic health recovery effect is now 50 from 100 for a duration of 30 seconds from 15.


White mage

  • Miracle : Power is now 200 instead of 240.



  • Lightning : This action is now only available to the occultist and the dark mage.
  • Extra Ice Cream : Potency is now 50 from 100, and duration of "Shackle" effect is reduced to 8 seconds from 4. In addition, this action is now available as a talent for Disciples of Magic. However, only the occultist and the black mage can benefit from the "Shadow Ice" state via this spell.
  • Injury : Power is now 100 instead of 120.


Black Magus

  • Gel : Potency is now 100 from 20, and casting time is now 3 seconds from 3,5.


  • Virus : Once the effect of the latter wears off, the target benefits from the state "Antiviral reaction" which protects it against the latter for 60 seconds.
  • Scourge : The range is now 8 Yalms instead of 5. On the other hand, the duration of effects has a chance to be reset only if they have not benefited from a duration extension.
  • Transfusion : The effect now costs MP instead of HP.



  • Law of Revitalization: Up to 25% of the target's maximum health can be healed, down from 20%.

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