FFXIV - Meanders of Bahamut - Tour 7

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Martí Micolau



To get to Mélusine, you will have 5 elevator platforms to kill. When the sphere of control dies, you switch platforms. So you should always kill him last. Otherwise, nothing too difficult, just let the tank take the aggro!


Our team

For once, I present a strategy to a tank, 2 healers and 5 DPS. Even if the fight is not a race for damage, this composition allows for deaths. However, it will require a lot of effort from your healers during phase 2.

  •  1 tank
  •  2 healers (a 2 scholar composition is viable in this fight).
  • 5 DPS, of which must be: 1 Bard / summoner, 2 ranged, 1 CAC, the last DPS is your choice.


Know your enemy

  • Cursed voice: this spell will be present throughout the fight. Mélusine will place this spell on 3 people in the group, it will always be on a random tank, healer and DPS. This debuff will trigger at the end of a countdown ranging from 4 to 8 seconds, a cone effect will start from your character petrifying anyone in his area of ​​effect. The tank as well as the DPS will have to put their zone towards the outside of the platform. For the healers, they will have to send their spells on the Renaud.

  • Cursed cry: the Cursed Cry will have the same effect as the Cursed Voice but on 360 °. Its countdown is 10 seconds. The only way to prevent the entire raid from petrifying is to hide behind the petrified Renaud who will act as a dam. This spell will never be cast on the tank. Attention, do not place yourself in the Hitbox of the monsters otherwise you will petrify the entire group. Get well behind.

  • Circular Blade: area around Melusine, dealing approximately 2000 damage.
  • Circle of flame: this spell inflicts 2500 points of damage to 2 different people in a distance. Two projectiles are launched with a delay of 3 seconds. Be careful, this spell does damage on the targeted person but also in an area around. We must not be grouped.
  • Renaud: the Renaud is a monster that will appear regularly around the arena. Its appearance is completely random on the platform. They experience a gravity effect that makes them move very slowly. The Renaud is able to kill with one blow any member of the team he targets. To avoid this situation, a person designated in advance will target the Renaud and cast a spell on him which will link him to him. Usually, the Bard or a summoner does this task. They can be further slowed by the Disease Debuff from Summoner's Miasma. You should never do damage to a petrified Renaud at the risk of instantly killing him. The old Renaud will have to be killed when a new one appears.

  • Lamia dancer: spawns 30 seconds apart, in phase 2. They have a circular area for kindness and, like Melusine's Cleave, she does a lot of damage.


  • Lamia Archère: second appearance of Lamia at the beginning of phase 3. They are distributed to the 4 cardinal points of the zone and will not move from their points of appearance. So there is no need for the tank to move around or take them aggro. Two DPS will take care of the Lamia at the back and the other 3 will take care of the Lamia next to the tank, then help the remainder. The DPS Cac meanwhile does not go to the back of the room.

  • Synchronized boom burst : spell cast at the end of a certain life of the Lamia archer, on a person of the group. The effect will depend on the number of Lamia archer alive. It is therefore necessary to kill some as quickly as possible because it can kill the targeted person.
  • Poisoned area: the boss room is cut into three circles. They will light up as you go through phase 3. The affected area will explode after 30 seconds during this time and deal damage to anyone who walks through it. It is therefore not necessary to be present at this moment of the explosion at the risk of dying instantly.

Here is the spawn pattern: Center> Middle> Exterior> Middle> Center.

  • Lamia dissectrice: last lamia to appear which arrives from phase 4 and casts a petrifying spell. It will be necessary to use the Transcendence CAC to kill it as quickly as possible.
  • Petrification: aptly named spell and petrifies anyone looking in the direction of the monster. It is therefore sufficient to turn around so as not to suffer the effects.
  • Poisonous tail: poison placed on a random person in the raid, it is absolutely necessary to remove it as quickly as possible, because it inflicts damage periodically on the whole group.


Phase 1

100% to 80%

Present during this phase : Mélusine, Renaud, Cursed voice, Circular blade, Circle of flame.

Positioning :

This phase allows the group to discover the mechanics of Renaud as well as that of the voice. Here the first Renaud is petrified: either killed directly, or kept to prevent too much DPS in the next voice or an appearance of Renaud too far. Just be careful as there is only one tank, this one will permanently have all the voice.

Le Renaud will be positioned where I scored the Dps Renaud. After that, it will depend on the appearance of the latter but try placing a mark on the ground of a benchmark for its positioning, knowing that for all the phases this place will always be the best position for the tank.

Reminder : it is the healers in the center who petrifies the Renauds, announces the count so that the dps who take care of the Renauds are placed so as not to be petrified too.

Do not forget you have more voices, always re-pretified your Renaud, because after 30 seconds, the latter will go very quickly and kill the entire raid. When a new Renaud appears, choose according to his pop, whether you petrified him or made the old one. Knowing that if you don't petrify it the person who is connected with will have to run until the next appearance of a voice.


Phase 2

80% 60%

Present during this phase: Mélusine, Renaud, cursed voice, Circular Blade, Circle of flame, Cursed cry, dancer Lamia

Arrival of the dancers Lamia

The arrival of the first Lamia dancer, it appears where we are placed. Be careful, the tank must take aggro very quickly because a Renaud as well as a voice come. Then, upon the death of the first Lamia, a cursed cry. Be careful for the tank not to get out of the Renaud's protection. The group must then move after the arrival of the second Lamia.

For the person driving the Renauds, this is the final positioning once the third Lamia is dead, so you can place the Renauds well.

You have to kill her as quickly as possible. Manage them Renaud, the voice as well as Cris before the appearance of the third Lamia. Here, an effort for the healers is required, because it is necessary to manage the voices as well as the Shout and also the damage suffered by the tank.

Arrival of the third and finally the last Lamia

After killing the third Lamia, last move for the tank and the whole group


Phase 3

60% to 35%

Present during this phase: Mélusine, Renaud, cursed voice, Circular Blade, Circle of flame, Cursed Cry, Lamia Archer, Poisoned Zone. Synchronized boom burst.

Arrival of Lamia arches.



Phase 4

From 35% to 0%

Present during this phase: Mélusine, Renaud, Cursed voice, Circular blade, Circle of flame, Cursed Cry, Poisonous Tail, Poisonous Zone, Petrification, Dissecting Lamia.

If you have reached this phase the fight is practically over but you must not release the pressure, knowing that there are three more mechanics that are added here in addition to all those already present. The arrival of the Lamia dissectrice is essential, try to make it appear just after a voice, so that the tank has time to increase its aggro. Then after the books is passed, the cac DPS must imperatively launch the transcendence level 3 on her and you have to kill her as quickly as possible. Before her death she will cast the spell Petrification which she will pass on to Mélusine for the remainder of the fight. Do not forget to turn around during his incantation.

All you have to do is manage the appearance of Renaud, the cris, the voice and poisoned areas and for the healers to remove the poison as quickly as possible Venomous tail.

Well done to you for his death. You will finally be able to access the next floor that of Bio-tréant.



  • Mémoquartz-allagan-unidentified
  • Oil-of-time

Warrior - Paladin

  • High Allagan Choker-Protector
  • High Allagan-Pants-of-Protector
  • High Allagan Earrings of Fending


  • High Allagan Attacker Choker
  • High Allagan Ring of Slaying
  • High Allagan Breastplate of Striking

Dragon Knight

  • High Allagan Sabatons of Milling
  • High Allagan Ring of Slaying
  • High Allagan Attacker Choker


  • High Allagan Mask of Aiming
  • High Allagan Gloves of Aiming
  • High Allagan Bracelets of Aiming

Dark Mage - Summoner

  • High Allagan Mask of Casting
  • High Allagan Belt of Casting
  • High Allagan Bracelets of Casting

White Mage - Scholar

  • High Allagan Choker
  • High Allagan Coat of Healing
  • High Allagan Bracelets of Healing

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