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Here is the patch notes deployed today February 23 during the daily maintenance. Apart from the big change on the cooldown, we now have a fairly mundane patch notes, without noticeable changes. I therefore especially remember the new user interface configuration options but also the correction of various concerns (quests, ZL ..), the removal of a flaw in war zones and the removal of the link with the / bug command ( very annoying on a spanish keyboard!).

1.1.4 Release Notes - 22/02/2012


  • The key previously assigned to / bug can now correctly be assigned to any action and no longer opens the / bug window. The command can no longer be assigned to a quick access slot but the player can still type / bug in the chat to open a new bug report.


Classes and Combat


    • Using indirect targeting abilities (such as area of ​​effect abilities) will no longer mark players as available for PvP if a marked player from the opposing faction is in the ability's area. The ability will have no effect on the player marked for PvP.

Imperial Agent

Secret agent

      • Medical Therapy: Kolto Probe and Salvage Nanotechnology now correctly take advantage of this ability.

Bounty hunter


      • Carbonite Freeze: Combat Tech PvP armor will no longer prevent this ability from stunning enemies.


Transactions and contentious areas


Eternity chamber

      • Soa's threat level to his primary target no longer drops when he casts Mental Trap.

Karagga Palace

      • Heavy Maker G4-B3 now has lower health points on Normal difficulty.




    • "Show Usable" now correctly only shows items that can be equipped.


Missions and NPCs



      • Unlikely Allies: Resetting the quest no longer requires abandoning and resuming it in order to complete it.



War zones


      • Fixed a flaw in the waiting interface that allowed players to be overcrowded in a war zone. Imbalances can still occur under certain circumstances but the issue can no longer be intentionally triggered by players in this way.


Alderaan Civil War

      • The East Turret no longer fires twice under certain circumstances when captured by the Imperials.

Open PvP


      • The / stuck command no longer teleports players to the location of their death.


User interface


    • Adding a command / version
    • Added several new options regarding the appearance of the cooldown:
      • Show Readiness Flash: Activates a bright flash when an ability's cooldown expires.
      • Show General Cooldown Prep Flash: Activates a bright flash when the general cooldown expires.
      • Cooldown Style: Changes the visual style of the cooldown.
      • General cooldown style: Changes the visual style of the general cooldown.
      • Cooldown Text Settings: Displays the remaining cooldown time superimposed on the ability icon in the quick access bar.


    • The Sort button in the guild window now works correctly.
    • Items placed in a quick access bar are no longer removed from it when learning new abilities.
    • Using Shift + Right Click to split a stack of usable items no longer uses one of those items.
    • Some UI preferences (such as quick access bar lock and minimap zoom) will no longer reset when changing zones.


Fixed various bugs
    • Players are no longer occasionally logged out when purchasing crafting materials from the Galactic Trade Network.

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