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fractured Space is a player versus player space combat game. Both teams have a "mothership" to defend. The goal is to capture the enemy mothership to win the game. The game is developed by Edge Case Games and is already available for Early Access on Steam for € 10.



The goal of the game itself is relatively simple. But to accomplish it, we will have to get our hands dirty. Indeed, to reach the enemy mothership, you must capture secondary bases while fighting enemy ships.

As you can see above, there are 3 sectors: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. From your base, you can hyper-jump to each of these sectors to capture them. But the Gamma sector only unlocks after a certain amount of playing time. You must first capture the Alpha and Beta sectors. Each circle represents a captable area and each of these areas brings in resources that will be used later (in development) to improve your ship.

To get to the enemy base, you must capture, for example, sector A1 (Alpha 1) and then take sector A2 from the enemy to hyper-jump to their base to capture it. Obviously, it's not that easy to capture it as you take regular damage during capture in addition to enemies defending their bases.


Different Vessels

You have 6 ships available (for now). Each has different properties as well as different powers. The developers have already started to put in place a system to change the weapons and equipment of your ship between two parties, but it is far from complete.

Here are the different ships:

  • Assassin : it has great firepower as well as a panoply of powers allowing it to teleport or even to make itself invisible and to use decoys. But in return, it is not very resistant

  • Hunter : this ship is very balanced between attack and defense. Indeed, it is relatively strong and has good firepower. It can launch missiles, attack drones and has a small teleportation allowing it to dodge an impending attack. It also has close range vessel detection.

  • Frigate : it is a ship with a very high base speed giving it good mobility. On the other hand, it is not very resistant. To overcome its low resistance, it has a shield generator to protect it when the player decides to activate it. It can place mines as well as detection drones.

  • Disrupteur : this ship is also very fast and resistant. On the other hand, its firepower is weak. Its role is that of support. Indeed, it can send repair probes, deactivate a ship's weapons, detect nearby enemies or even teleport near its allies.

  • FlagShip : it is the most resistant ship in the game which has good firepower despite its resistance. To balance the ship, the developers put it at a very low movement speed. This vessel will have more the role of a "tank" by interposing itself between its allies and its enemies. It has drones allowing it to absorb enemy fire. It can also block a ship and even scramble the map.

  • Sniper : it is the vessel which has the greatest firepower. It is based on distance shooting because it has a very long range. Its interest is to pound enemy ships from far away. It serves as support for its partners.


My opinion on the game

I really liked the concept of the game, it really has a lot of potential. But currently in early access, it suffers from an obvious lack of content (1 map, 6 ships). Fortunately, the developers are adding new features regularly which leads us to believe that the game has a bright future ahead of it. Graphically, the game is superb: all the effects of explosion, hyper-jump, the planets are really very well done.


You can find the game on Steam for 10 €:


We will meet again in a few months to give a new update on the game!

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