Games of Glory - Patch 0.4.10: Understanding the game better

The developers have had varying feedback from players and patch 0.4.10 focuses on visually improving what happens in the game. So the goal is clearly for anyone to understand exactly what is displayed on the screen. screen!


Disconnect / reconnect screen

  • Added a detailed screen during disconnections and reconnections to display the status in real time.
  • It is possible to quit the game from this screen.

Help bubbles

  • By hovering your mouse over the icon of an equipped weapon, weapon details are displayed.
  • Details include weapon specs and abilities (depending on upgrade tier).

XP and Level-up

  • New visuals appear to show that you've gained experience when killing an opposing minion or Clone.
  • When we go up a level, we can take advantage of a new alert!


The Tanndu Islands

  • The backgrounds of the tutorial have been reworked and are more provided.
  • Minor modifications have been made in the various stages of the tutorial.



  • After playing Superstar in Svandia, a new score screen is available.
  • We find the details of each round: who won and in how long.


Claws (weapons)

  • Claws have new visuals and effects when attacking.

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