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On the occasion of the release of the summer DLC, Summertime Gnarkness, an addition of free content for all, I had the opportunity to discover Goliath, an adventure / action game with big robots!

We start our adventure with a plane crash.

It is not very encouraging. Fortunately, our hero makes it out alive, even if he is totally lost in a forest. The first mission is quite simple: collect wood. I discovered the orders in passing. I have the choice between the keyboard / mouse or the controller. Without much hesitation, I grab my Xbox controller.

To recover resources in the world, nothing could be simpler. You have to step aside, then activate the dedicated key (A in my case). The character will then get to work. It will take several hits for certain elements such as trees or large stones. Once the entity is broken, the components are recovered using the same interaction key, as many times as there are resources on the ground.

Thanks to these recovered elements, I put a tent near the plane and thus access a list of objects to create. Enough to intelligently use all this collected stuff, branches, cobwebs, mucus, skins, resins ... I can also transform some of them like the twigs which become charcoal thanks to the fire.


While wanting to walk a little too far (on the incentives of the tutorial), a big bug charges our hero ... who takes refuge in the plane. Panicked, he presses all the buttons a little, the beast dies, crushed by a propelled wing, and it's the revelation! Why not create huge Goliaths to survive in this world full of dangers and smashing critters!

The character puts his idea into action immediately: it's time to create a factory in Goliath. Once the necessary components have been collected and the building installed, I discover that each robot is made up of several elements, each requiring independent resources. It is therefore possible to choose head, bust, arms and legs.


Welcome pretty Wood Goliath!

As you can see from this conceptual image, there are many Goliaths!

The armor steers like the character, except it is much stronger and resilient. Being level 7, I have access to two powers, both having significant cooldowns. The first allows me to throw a large pebble in the face, while the second launches a whirlwind dealing area damage around the character. Efficient!

I then notice that the Goliath is fighting with his fists. It is not delivered armed! To fix this, you need to create yet another building, then equip it on the Goliath from inventory. I put a catapult hand in the left hand of my Wooden Goliath and I will create a Wooden Sword for him for the other hand!

Throughout the beginning, my character is in radio contact with another guy who was with him on the plane. They share their discoveries, it turns out that he has strangely landed on another world! In fact, Goliath does not take place on a classic universe, but on a set of islands with various biomes connected by a teleporter. To start it, you have to collect gems (which are found everywhere, in stones, on large rocks ...) then use a teleporter, an object which is by default at the place where the we appear on the planet.

Each zone is more or less difficult, with a specific biome, coming with its climatic events (snowstorm, rain, wind ...), a day / night cycle, its specific fauna and flora (therefore specific resources). This universe turns out to be inhabited by many creatures, more or less nice, more or less intelligent. Some will ask me for services, others will want to trade with me, and finally others will join my tribe.

Our cave man friend above whom I freed from a troll cage asked me for 7 horns. Thanks to that, he was able to create his hut and now he sells me things and gives me access to a bestiary on different local critters.

I could go on telling you about my adventures, it wouldn't be very interesting, and might spoil the surprise for you! To sum up, Goliath offers a large open world, very alive, filled with mysteries, quests, dungeons and villains. Based on a fun system of fully customizable big robots, it offers great freedom for all types of players. If you prefer to harvest, then you will have plenty. The explorers will have dozens of people to satisfy their passion while the fighters will find sizeable challenges. The only criticism I could make is the somewhat off-putting side of certain tasks (bring x items), and the too great difficulty of certain monsters (I was very quickly stuck in the main quest in the face of too nasty trolls for me. forcing you to have to explore without really aiming to gain power).

In addition, the developer makes regular updates, the latest DLC adds in particular:

  • high level content for players level 30+
  • four new types of Goliath, more powerful and faster
  • 4 epic heads bringing equally epic powers
  • epic weapons, with bonuses and special abilities
  • Gnark arena, battles for experienced warriors against game bosses in an improved version
  • the dungeon of the apocalypse

And all for free!

The game is available on Steam, currently enjoying a -50% promotion until July 4th only! Frankly, at this price, you would be wrong to deprive yourself.

Some other screenshots

Very beautiful wallpapers

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