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This week we present to you the ParkMalgus guild operating on the Darth Nihilus server on the dark side of the Force.


The history of the guild

Originally the guild was called Parkzheimer Club due to the desire of its creator to attract mature players. Then came the release of Guildwars 2 and most players decided to give it a go. With these changes, we decided to start all over again with a core of players that quickly grew. We changed the name of the guild and reorganized it to suit the game world (then Parkzheimer club is not very attractive) in order to recruit the latest players. Although the original guild had existed for a longer time, we decided to consider the name change as a reference date, ie November 2012. The guild itself has therefore already had a good experience.


The vision and our style of play

We are a guild which favors a lot the friendly side, the camaraderie in short the good franquette more than the desire for the absolute result. More PvE oriented than PvP, we move forward and take up the challenges offered by the game at our own pace. There is the joke, the atmosphere but when we start the fight, the seriousness is present. It is therefore a clever cocktail that is still the success of our guild today. We also have good level players who have been able to evolve in known guilds but it is with us that they have found their place, just like the person who learned everything from the game with us.

We are open for any good relationship with other guilds (mutual aid, strategy sharing) if it does not go against our way of being in the game. The pleasure of playing together and meeting each other is essential and comes first. The vocal is the main meeting point and it allows us to animate the game within the guild.

Our policy is therefore simple, we favor good understanding, fair play, the pleasure of the game and a desire that each person is not a number.


Organization and recruitment

Although we share good relations with other guilds, we want to be able to expand our group of players in order to be able to organize 16 guild operations and also give the possibility to everyone to find their account whether in ZL, BG, etc. Our desire is to really find players who want to share the fun and challenges of the game with us. For that we also need that these people have a little availability vis-à-vis the guild (but never to the detriment of the IRL). We also do High-Level, but in our own way.

At the base we created a pyramidal structure but Mexican, that is to say the top is not a point but a group of people who manage the guild on a daily basis. There is the GM, two co-GM and an owl (he will recognize himself). Then we take and act democratically with the members. We don't want a military guild, but you still need a certain structure.



The opinion on the game

Star Wars is a game that has the merit of existing but a release of new content should not contain as many bugs (especially in operations).

The population on the server is not optimal and despite this many guilds are created which is quite contradictory. Recruitment is therefore very complicated. People should not hesitate to find out about the guilds present (site, forum, IG contact, ...) because I am convinced that there is the possibility of finding something to suit without too much difficulty.

We hope that there will soon be the possibility of grouping servers in group searches but also in PvP. Also more useful to the guild ship which today is not used much (we can not even group inside).


Final words

Playing in the ParkMalgus means being exposed to the Neuneu d'or, namely the reward given to the player who has made the most beautiful ball of the evening (if there is any). The competition is in full swing and it is always subject to great moments of laughter.

We have also created an army of Jean: Jean'Oneshot, Jean'bonbeur, Jean'Plâtre, Jean'vwadurev, ... A delirium among many others looking for the most beautiful combinations. Finally, beware of anyone who wants to challenge our Corsican Co-GM, he has trained a whole army of pigeons specially trained for explosive interventions ....


rjprojectsonline (at) Gmail (dot) com

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