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I am launching a series of guides that will help you discover points of interest and avoid long sleeplessness, you know that ultimate little diamond or that little hidden triangle that we struggle to find even though we have all 14 others!


We have 5 types of points of interest:

  •  : mission (301)
  •  : waypoint (507)
  • : remarkable site (717)
  •   : skill challenge (202)
  •  : panoramas (266)

In parenthesis, I indicated the number of points of interest in the world. What to take care of, isn't it! Each time you discover all of these points of interest for a given area, you unlock a chest full of gifts. Rest assured, I'll help you sort it out.


In this area we have 14  24  and 5  :

We start quiet because here most of the points are fairly trivial to find, I will detail only the most difficult. If, however, you encounter a problem on an unexplained point, do not hesitate to ask me, I will then add it with pleasure?

To avoid wasting time, I advise you to start from one place and then go all the way around being methodical. It will save you the unnecessary back and forth! On most screens, I leave the interface so that you can locate yourself thanks to the mini-map. Take advantage of it?


The Grand Lodge

Think about the different floors: you have the craft area, the Place du Commerce (with a crossing point to the North) and above the Upper Balcony (with towards the middle: crossing point of the Upper Balcony and La grande Butte, at to the west, the Priory Camp and) and to the south-east, next to the stairs, the Cantonment of the Watchers).

In the Grand Lodge itself, you have 3 remarkable sites:

  • Home of the hunter: instantiated zone. Access is through the door, just to the left, when entering (Attic of the traveler)
  • Serpent's Fang (in the middle span)
  • Knut Polar Bear hideout: instantiated area. Continue after the snake's fang, it's the door at the back



In front of the veins of the dragon

Go down to the left, in front of the Pavillon de Corbeau and you will see some kinds of ice steps on the hillside:



This panorama is located above a big bear in front of the Pavilion of the same name. To get there, you have to go to the Hall of Legends then go up on the left towards the Ours. You will see a band of rock against the mountain that juts out towards the Bear's posterior (on my right in the screenshot below). Go back a little to climb on these rocks and jump on the Bear (be careful not to slip!).

Watch out for the fall afterwards?


Eastern Guard

This panorama is just below the crossing point of the Eastern Guard, but it is accessed from the other side, the Frozen Basin, next to an honorable Member of the Horde, a tent and d 'a barrel.

This ramp allows you to climb the hill from the south face and access the panorama in a few jumps:


South watch

This panorama is very simple, you just have to climb on the rocks that we see on my left below to jump on the roof.


Lac Morn

I do not insult you to detail this panorama!



Here you are, you know all the points of this beautiful city that is Hoelbrak. As Norn, I could only start this series with my capital?

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