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Update 4.0 brought with it several changes regarding Character Legacy. Here is a small overview of the latest news.



The main novelty is of course the datacrons, which now become linked to inheritance. In other words, as soon as you unlock one with a character, it automatically becomes available to all other characters in your legacy.

You can check which datacrons you have already unlocked and which are missing in the "Datacrons" tab of the Inheritance window (Y key by default):

Note that due to statistic changes, datacrons that gave an obsolete stat bonus (Stamina, Willpower, Aim, Hint) are now Mastery datacrons. To differentiate them (and to help the nice editors who will have to update their guides), the color code remains the same:

  • Red: Vigor
  • Violet: Will
  • Blue: Sight
  • Orange: Tip


Character benefits

Two new features here. Improved Speeder Piloting can now be unlocked earlier:

  • Pilotage I: level 1, 40 credits
  • Pilotage II: level 10, 175 credits
  • Pilotage III: level 25, 250 credits

Another novelty: rapid transport to Odessen, the Alliance's new home planet, for 200 credits.



Two new powers are introduced: Summon a random vehicle / pet.

Apparently free powers, which allow you, by adding them to your action bar, to summon a vehicle or a domestic animal randomly, drawing from those your character has. You can find these new features in the Powers window (P key) in the Inheritance tab.

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