GW2 - Elite Specialization - The Berserker

No, we're not going to talk about Berserker gear pieces but about the new elite warrior specialization: The Berserker. So maybe you will play a berserker in berserker but that we will only be in the next beta testing if we can test this specialization.

The warrior already has a range of weapons to his credit, but his new weapon will be the torch. Its class mechanics will be linked to adrenaline which will be modified on extension by a single bar at 10 charges. Specialization skills will have a short cooldown compared to normal skills. Here are two of the new skills related to the specialization:

  • Scorched Earth (Longbow): Releases a trail of flame on the arrow's path instead of a large area.
  • Skull Crusher (Mace): In addition to incapacitating enemies, this upgraded version interrupts enemies and inflicts several conditions on them.

As said before, the torch will be the warrior's new weapon. Weapon of mass destruction, you will become a real human torch upon contact. Here no support for allies or survival, everything is in the attack:

  • Flamebreaker: Creates a wave of flaming rock that advances toward your target, inflicting Cripplement and Burning to all enemies hit.
  • Flames of War: You set yourself on fire (losing all of your conditions) and create a combo zone around you inflicting burn on enemies in the zone. At its end you inflict damage and burn to nearby enemies.

We can see that the torch is a specific weapon for inflicting ailments and burning charges. This weapon will most certainly be useful in PvP with an alteration build (and in PvE if the current meta changes with the expansion).

The new specialization is not left out in terms of utility skills. This will bring a new type of skill: rage skills. In addition to a show of strength, they grant an adrenaline bonus. For example, the skill Wild blow will knock back your enemies with such force that it will also inflict Knockdown on them. If you use your rage skills frequently, you will be able to benefit from the outbursts associated with them more easily.

Finally, the abilities of the Berserker are divided into three categories, each increasing one aspect of the specialization:

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Grants various perks and will help you gather your enemies in one point to slaughter them.
  • Alteration: Will increase your alteration damage as well as the effectiveness of the burn.
  • Support: Improves the survival of you and your allies.

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